Ministry Under Scrutiny

The Ministry of Industry presented its annual audit report before the parliamentary, showing that the ministry had 163 million Br in debts. “The problem has already been solved,” said Minister of Industry Ahmed Abitew. However, the ministry did not provide proof that the problem is solved with supporting documents.

Another issue raised was excise tax. Payments made to various universities from the ministry included excise tax, though universities are not registered for excise tax. There were various other issues raised during the hearing including the payment for accommodation in different hotels without proper agreements. Ahmed explained that those purchases were made on an emergency basis and that the problem has been solved through a collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office. The ministry has now put in place agreements with two hotels for a year.

“Most of the employees at the ministry office are recent graduates, which means mistakes are common”, Ahmed remarked during his comments.

“Low rates of pay and high employee turnover contribute greatly to discrepancies and errors,” he said.

Members of the parliamentary standing committee remarked at the end of the session that wanted to see corrective measures taken in collaboration with the Ministry in order to ensure that proper procedure is followed in the future.

Published on Jan 10,2017 [ Vol 17 ,No 871]



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