Fasting Market Swings

Traders at a Crossroads with Vegetable Price Increase while meat may reign supreme during the rest of the year, it all but hibernates during the fasting season known as Lent. This, of course, creates a change in the market, in this case, giving rise to other food items such as vegetables and fish.


Salt is among the most abundant resources that the country has. It is also the least used resource and the most sensitive commodity in the country. Although the produce at the resource sites is many, the market demand is not able to absorb it all. The production is also not supported by technology thus, leaving the country’s salt iodization uneven. BROOK ABDU, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, gets into the salt issues that are behind the scenes.

Alle Bejimla: A Game Changer?

The chain of events that led to the establishment of Alle Bejimla are very simple. There was lack of competition in the market, which in turn caused high rates of inflation, which in turn prompted the government to launch Alle Bejimla. But this is not to say that Alle Bejimla has been the answer to the prayers of consumers, retailers and the like. FASIKA TADESSE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, looks into why.

The Banking Boom

While it is mostly good news for the private banks in Ethiopia in terms of paid-up capital, there is also a flip side to the coin in terms of earnings per share (EPS). But the bulk of the criticism surrounding the banks stems from their lack of good service as well as the lingering criticism that they have no room for growth. BROOK ABDU, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, delves deeper into the matter.

The Improved Seed Irony

It has been several years since Ethiopia started using seed improved seeds but, according to some data, only eight percent of farmer in Ethiopia are using improved; In fact, the government claims the number has reached 20pc. Even more, the framers who use improved seeds claim they are facing changes in getting the seeds. Apart from all, the amount of seed which is are produced for distribution is not fully strewn to the farmers, leaving a significant amount of left over seeds stocked annually and the amount roughly goes to 20pc of the total seed production, FASIKA TADESSE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER explores paradox of improved seeds.

Restrictive Light Rail Fences Lead Businesses to Huge Losses

The two-line electrified railway project, having a 31Km length is in the final stage since its commencement back in 2011, down the line of its commencement, the project is a source of hope for the people who are suffering from transportation problems, but the fence that is installed to separate the rail from the road is becoming a source of disappointment for the businesses located on the side of the rail projects causing decline in their sales, reports FASIKA TADESSE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Nation falls short of MDGs

The Millennium Development Goals that 189 countries around the world approved at the United Nations Millennium Summit in 2000 and set out to accomplish is going to be concluded by the end of 2015. As only months are left before the deadline, the UN Economic Commission for Africa in partnership with the African Union, the African Development Bank, and UNDPhas published a report that assess and evaluates the progress of Africa towards the MDG. SNETSEHAY ASSEFA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITTER focusing on Ethiopia, will go through the achievement as well as the shortcoming efforts of Ethiopia towards the goal.

Opposition Parties go Ahead Despite Complaint Over Observers’ Election

As the registration of electorate for the upcoming fifth national election has began opposing political parties are raising their concern over the process of the election while the incumbent party arguing in contrary, report DAWIT ENDESHAW, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.  

Steady Holiday Market

As the holiday of Christmas is forth coming with few days only left, the souk of different kinds of food items is starting to get warm up with a larger flow of such items into the city, as consumers are rushing into the market at large reports LUCY KASSA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER more the chief markets of the city.

Dumping through Street Vendors

Dumping, an importation of cheap products to sell them at prices far lower than normal market prices, is affecting Ethiopian manufacturers. The perception of the impact, however, varies between stakeholders. Authorities claim that there is little that can be done to remedy this situation besides making local products more competitive, report BEREKET GETANEH and ESRAEL YOHANNES, Fortune Staff Writers.

Battle Over Policies

As the election next May draws nearer Addis Abeba residents claim to see no real alternatives to the ruling power. DAWIT ENDESHAW, BEREKET GETANEH and SNETSEHAY ASSEFA, Fortune Staff Writers, looked into the political landscape to get a gauge on what can be expected from the forthcoming 2015 election.

Fuel Gauges read Empty: Oil Market Declines; Consumers Pay the Price

With the global price of oil declining, local stations across Ethiopia are reluctant to reduce prices and incur losses. Ultimately, the consumer is the only loser. Fortune staff writers JEMAL ABDU AND LUCY KASSA go to the pumps to speak to fuel consumers and retailers to find out more.

Crop Loss Tackling Under Whelms

As the hay turns yellow, marking the start of the post-harvest season, Fortune staff writer FASIKA TADESSE speaks to farmers and farming researchers to understand the challenges of individual small scale farmers and what is being done to help mitigate their crop losses.

Building Economic Bridges Between Ethiopia and France

With the second France-Ethiopia Business Forum in Paris last week French businesses from the energy sector and Ethiopian companies hoping to secure investment met to discuss how they could increase relationships between France and Ethiopia. Fortune staff writer FASIKA TADESSE talks to some of the forum attendees to understand what gains were made.


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