Implications of Tax Bill for New Era in Taxation

The tax bill soon to be tabled for legislators has invoked public interest and an animated debate. With a focus on taxation and accounting reporting, Temesgen Worku, ( senior lecturer at the Department of Accounting & Finance, Addis Abeba University, and a PhD candidate at Vrije University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, examines the “Ins, Outs and Nowheres” of the bill.

A Renewable World on the Horizon

Has the global economy reached a juncture to depart from its entrenched use of fossil fuels, in order to power its many activities? Seble Samuel, an Ethiopian-Canadian geographer and anthropologist, who covers climate change and social vulnerability issues, and Amrita Dass, an environmental scientist from Trinidad and Tobago, believe it has. They argue that, with several breakthroughs in world governance, a fossil fuel free economy is finally within reach.

A Tale of Two Debt Write-Downs

At the end of 2015, Greece’s public debt was 176pc of GDP, while Japan’s debt ratio was 248pc. Neither government will ever repay all they owe. Write-offs and monetization are inevitable, putting both countries in a sort of global vanguard, writes Adair Turner, chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking and former Chairman of the UK Financial Services Authority.

Energy Distribution Snag

Ethiopia has to focus on its power distribution infrastructure as it defines the future economic path, argues Tigabu Atalo, a power, energy and infrastructure consultant. This calls for a policy review, he suggests in this commentary.  

Structural Limits to Emerging Market Growth

Emerging markets can only recover from the current growth downfall through structural adjustment, argues Michael Spence, a Nobel Laureate and Professor of Economics at New York University, United States. Unattended, Spence sees this leading to global growth divergence.

Globalization Can Still Deliver

Only collective action render a globalization that can deliver to all, argues David Lipton, first Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The job is too complex for countries to do it alone, he emphasizes in this commentary.

From Rocks to Industries

Improving the investment climate and business support systems is vital to leverage Africa’s natural resources for industrailization, argues Pietro Toigo, chief macroeconomist at the African Natural Resources Center (ANRC). Botswana and Nigeria could serve as examples on how this can be done, he notes in this commentary.

Fighting the Next Global Financial Crisis

Financial regulators should focus on structural fundamentals, rather than changing narratives, if they are to avoid the next financial crisis, argues Robert Shiller, professor of Economics at the University of Yale, United States. Regulation by anticipation of future crisis the best way available, he suggests in this commentary.

Reconciling Narratives of Global Growth

The varying narratives on global growth do not necessarily contradict each other, reflects Mohammed El-Erian, chief economic adviser of Allianz, a multinational financial services provider. Reconciling the narratives is key to craft effective policies, he argues in this commentary.

Global Growth Slump

The feeling that the global economy is witnessing a new normal is self-defeating, argues Nouriel Roubini, a professor of economics at the New York University, United States. The time calls for aggressive reforms in economic structures and trade systems, he suggests in this commentary submitted to Fortune by Project Syndicate.

How to Choose the Next Chairperson of the African Union

Choosing the next chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC) should be done in a transparent and consultative way, argues Abdul Mohammed, a regional political analyst. The focus has to be on finding a chief executive who rightly represents the continent’s vision and aspiration, he reflects in this commentary.  

Time for Public Transport in Meqelle

Economic and social rationales provide justification for Meqelle to have a public transport system, argue Mesele Atsbeha – – a geoinformatics expert, and Tsehaye Zemenfes – – a pharmaceutical expert. The city should not be left to face the challenges that Addis Abeba experiences, they argue in this commentary.

Why Equality in Education Matters

Redressing inequality is education is the best way to level the global economic playing field, argues Brad Brasseur – an international development specialist with extended experience in education programmes. But one size of solution does not fit all, he reflects in this commentary.

Egypt’s Meddling in Ethiopia’s Backyard

Ethiopia may have had a besieged mindset of Egypt’s intent to keep it busy from its course for far too long. Despite official accord, recent visits by its high level delegation to Mogadishu and Hargessa should raise eyebrows among Ethiopians, argues this writer whose identity Fortune withheld upon request.

Rewriting African Capitalism

It is only through involving Africas private sector that the continent’s growth could be sustained, argues Tony Elumelu, chairman of Heirs Holdings. Moving away from primary product export and towards comprehensive value-addition is the best starting point, Elumelu reflects in this commentary.

Universal Healthcare is Smart Economics

Mobilising domestic resources for healthcare needs policy attention, argues Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (PhD), chair of the Board of Gavi, a vaccine alliance. Relying on external resources has its pitfalls, Okonjo-Iweala, who formerly was the finance minister of Nigeria, reflects in this commentary.


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