Short Shrift Re-institution of Public Prosecutor Discreditable

The rather rushed re-institution of the Office of the Federal Attorney General brings more questions than answers, argues Merhatsidk Mekonnen – – a lawyer with decades of experience in prosecution and legal advice. It remains a puzzle how the essential approach of checks and balances is to be executed afterward, Merhatsidk, who is trained in law and conflict resolution, ponders in this commentary.

Negative Interest Rates as a Fishhook

Saving the global economy from another round of crisis demands innovative thinking, argues Kaushik Basu, senior vice president and chief economist of the World Bank. The run to lower interest rates is a race to the bottom, he reflects in this commentary, which is a summary of his speech at a round table discussion on “Growth ad Inclusion in Turbulent Times”, held at the Bank’s headquarters.

Why Ethiopia’s Energy Future is Optimistic

From policy to investment, Ethiopia’s energy future is optimistic, argues Tigabu Atalo, a power and energy practitioner, in this commentary, a shortened version of that which first appeared in Linkedin Pulse. But the job could not be left to the government only, he reflects.  

Cash Trick for Sustainable Development

Achieving SDGs requires aggressive cash transfer schemes, argues Ngaire Woods, director of the Global Economic Governance Program at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. The evidence for such an effort could be found from the current geopolitical realities, Woods reflects in this commentary submitted to Fortune by Project Syndicate.

A New Paradigm to Ethiopian Politics

Ethiopians ought to adapt the politics of compromise, if they are to build an affluent society, argues Solomon Hailemariam – – a Doctoral Candidate at the Ryerson University, Canada, and winner of the first Burt Award for African Literature in 2011.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

With global recovery remaining anemic, central banks have to employ new unconventional monetary policy measures, argues Nouriel Roubini, professor of economics at New York University, United States. But due care has to be taken to rightly know the limits to the policy instruments, he reflects in this commentary submitted to Fortune by Project Syndicate.

New Attorney General Establishment Law Furthers Manipulation

The contents of the new Bill to Establish the Office of Attorney General (OAG) further political manipulation, argues Yohannes Woldegebriel – – a lawyer who has served as public prosecutor in four different institutions. The Establishment Bill could avoid the blunder made to the office 20 years ago only if essential revisions can be made to it, Yohannes foresees.

Is the Doha Round Over?

The future of WTO as a platform of negotiation for trade liberalisation depends much on the actions of its members, argues Simon Lester, trade policy analyst with Cato Institute, a think tank, based in the United States. A timely agenda for member is to push for more opening-up, he suggests in this commentary.

African Solidarity with the Victims of Terrorism

Africans stand in solidarity with the victims of terrorism worldwide, and this week we send our condolences to the families of those killed in the horrendous crimes committed in Brussels. Our best wishes for the recovery of the injured, and our solidarity with the Belgian people.

Colour of Policies to Jumpstart Global Economy

Saving the world from the long overdue post-crisis slump will require new sets of policies, argues Raghuram Rajan, governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Pretending that all is well with the global economy will further the recession felt across economies, Rajan warns in this commentary.

Alle – Too Big to Function

After three years, Alle Bejimla, the state-owned wholesale enterprise is not making the expected impact on the market. Abdulmenan M. Hamza suggests in this commentary that Alle would benefit from long-term contracts for the provision of a wider range of lower priced items.

A Way to Avoid Global Secular Stagnation

Concerted action in fiscal, monetary and trade spheres is crucial to save the world from secular stagnation, argues David Lipton, first deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Inaction would have huge costs, he warns in this commentary.

Africa’s Midway to Development

It is better for Africa to use a development model that merges Chinese and Western models, argues Simplice Asongu, lead economist at the African Governance & Development Institute.

Africa Must Surf Demographic Wave

Successful reduction of mortality and fertility, combined with effective implementation of supporting policies, could earn sub-Saharan Africa a large demographic dividend and improve the quality of life for all its citizens, argue Vimal Thakoor, an economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and John Wakeman-Linn, an advisor at the Fund.

Backpedaling Duties Wheel Unfair, Unlawful

A retrospective application of the new duties directive of the Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority is unlawful, argues Yohannes Woldegebriel – – a lawyer who has served as prosecutor in four different public institutions. The application is a burden to businesses, especially those in the service sector, he reflects in this commentary.

El Niño – Good Boy or Bad?

Governments ought to take tailored policy measures to tackle the impacts of El Nino on their economies, argue Paul Cashin, assistant director at IMF’s Asia and Pacific Department; Mehdi Raissi, an economist; and Kamiar Mohaddes, fellow at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.


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