Motion Picture Music

As Ethiopia’s film industry matures, increasing attention is being paid to the creation and use of movie scores as an integral aspect of the production. They add to audience enjoyment of the films being viewed and as FORTUNE’S STAFF WRITER, SNETSEHAY ASSEFA discovers, they mean new business opportunities for the country’s musicians

Social media in Fifth National Election Campaigns

Social media can be a boon, particularly when freedom of expression is denied. Though some of the parties that contested last week’s election have social media sites, they can use them more strategically to garner a greater number of votes and to educate the electorate. FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, SNETSEHAY ASSEFA explored the terrain not virtually, but face-to-face with party spokespersons and may follow them all on Twitter after this.

Anatomy of democracy

There are signs and indicators of the potential for a culture of democracy to flourish in Ethiopia. One such sign is
the fact of national elections, along with supporting pillars to protect the credibility of institutional governance. FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, LUCY KASSA is educated on the nature of a culture of democracy in this interview with experts and academicians in the aftermath of last week’s election.

Wall Branding Bombardment

Despite its expense, wall branding is gaining traction and it is more effective than billboards, which have been controversially banned from public property since 2012. As FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, BROOK ABDU discovers from advertisers and their clients, wall branding is increasing but its cost is becoming prohibitive.

Music Schools Boom

Music schools cater to the needs of those pursuing careers in classical music or jazz but more so to those who enjoy playing music as a hobby. While the number of private music schools is growing, LUCY KASSA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER finds out that they are not lucrative businesses as the requirements for licensing are stringent.


Cosmetics are always in high demand as people like to look, smell and feel good about themselves. As FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, SNETSEHAY ASSEFA visits the cosmetic shops in Piassa, both their owners and customers share details about the dynamism of formal and informal trade in the products of the beauty business.


eddings are not a low-cost affairs nowadays and rentals are bound to feature in the budget, especially when the guest list is long. At this peak wedding season, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, SNETSEHAY ASSEFA is enlightened by those in the rental business about the costs of wedding rental services they provide.


The stock of the cement traders at Megenagna was almost non-existent up Fortune stepped over to the place to investigate the cement paradox. Exclusive and limited cement brands have dominated the market…


The period immediately following Fasika is the wedding season and invitation card sales spike in preparation for this time. YONATHAN ABEBE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER finds out from the printers of these cards that of the available choices, customers prefer traditional designs.


The market of Gojam Berenda, which is located within the biggest market place, Merkato, is well known for its varied supply of honey and butter. The usual way of supplying…

SHARPEN THE TOOLS: The Cutting-Edge Business of the Holidays

The time has finally arrived to pull out the knives from the drawers in the kitchen and get them sharpened or to order new ones. In any case, this opens up the door for people who manufacture and sharpen knives. Dawit Endeshaw, Fortune Staff Writer, takes a look at the people who take a stab at this booming holiday business.


It may fly under the radar for most, but a lot of people and authorities notice that the exhibition centers are involved in commerce without adhering to the laws of the land. This happens to be the one place where the sign that states, ‘do not pay unless a receipt is issued’ is neither heard nor seen. BROOK ABDU, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, pulls the curtain to find out why.


Although it does not apply to all who fast, a majority of people who fast also do not engage in drinking any alcohol. Thus, the coming of Easter is nothing if not welcome as it has more meaning. In fact, it is one of those holidays that sees a huge increase in the demand for liquor. LUCY KASSA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, looks into the market.

Ethiopia Among Worst in Traffic Safety

Ethiopians have a saying which, when roughly translated means ‘you know only you are leaving but no one knows your return.’ This is what many say and the country’s current…

Low Capital Printing, Good Business

Most people would not know this but the printing business is one that is not only simple but one that is relatively cheap to get into. This has opened the door for middlemen who work as a go-between anytime people need something or other printed. SNETSEHAY ASSEFA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, looks into the business.


“I cannot think of coffee without cornflakes scattered over the green grass to decorate the coffee setting,” says Meskerem Teshome, who is the coffee girl in Yod Abyssinia, gesturing toward the…


Ethiopia is in the midst of a state of emergency. At a press conference...


Holidays are mostly considered by the Banks to be a peak season when it...


Addis Abeba is in a bizarre mood lately. And for a...


Over the past decade or so, Ethiopia has been in the limelight of globa...


Over two-thirds of Africa’s people lack access to electricity. Approx...


Karl Marx was not such a naive man, as some would be forgiven to think,...

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