Addis Forms a New Agency to Manage Wastes

The new body comes to life after two institutions were dissolved

The Addis Abeba City Council has legislated a bill that dissolves two institutions, which have been working on waste disposal management, to establish the Waste Administration Agency.

The Cleanliness Administration Agency and Solid Waste Re-use & Disposal Project Office are the two organs that are disbanded with the new proclamation that was legislated on April 26, 2018.

The offices were not efficient and properly managing the waste management in the capital, according to Paulos Degu, Chairperson of Addis Abeba City Council, Municipal Affairs Standing Committee.

Tasked with collecting, transporting, disposing and recycling of solid wastes, the new Agency will be directly accountable to the city manager, Haile Fisseha. The Agency will control and coordinate an integrated solid waste management activities basing on studies and research. Surveying the implementation of technological methods to recycle and re-use solid wastes is also tasks of the Agency granted by the new proclamation.

The establishment of the new Agency came into effect just to avoid overlapping responsibilities of two autonomous bodies and for better management of waste collection and disposal, according to Masreshaw Asnakew, deputy manager of the dissolved Cleanliness Administration Agency.

On average 9,654-meter cubic of waste is collected daily from the capital. The figure denotes that an individual resident generates 0.45Kg of trash a day. The wastes are collected by 74 waste collecting associations which possess 164 waste collecting vehicles of which, 44 are compactor, 112 dumpster carrier trucks and seven side loaders.

The new structure will have two administrative and operational departments which will be led by two deputy managers. There will also be five directorates tasked with awareness creation, fleet management, waste recycling, landfill administration and project and technology development.

The number of employees will go up to 400 from the current 286 that were hired by both dissolved institutions, according to Hadgo Legesse, Landfill main process leader.

The Agency will also administer the 40-year old Reppi Landfill, commonly known as Qoshe which translates to garbage in the Amharic language, according to the new proclamation. Just a year ago, due to a yet-unspecified cause, a massive landslide ripped through the area taking the lives of over 125 residents and destroyed dozens of homes.

As a replacement to the Qoshe site, the city administration has constructed a landfill in Sendafa, Oromia Regional State, 25Km from the capital, with an assistance of 34.6 million euros from the French Development Agency (AFD) on 137ha plot. The landfill, which is expected to serve for half a century, however, was closed by the localities two years ago.

Four waste recycling plants will be constructed in Yeka, Kolfe, Bole and Nifas Silk districts, where the construction of one of the plants in Bole Arabsa is underway, according to Hadgo.

In December 2017, the City Administration launched a monthly cleaning campaign every last Saturday of the month. The first two campaigns were accompanied by Diriba Kuma, mayor of Addis Abeba and former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.


Published on May 05,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 940]



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