Bethlehem Abera, Big Brother Africa Contestant

Bethlehem Abera, Big Brother Africa Contestant


What Happened:


Bethlehem Abera, a.k.a Betty, an Ethiopian contestant at the eighth season of Big Brother Africa, a reality show, joined the spotlight after an infrared  footage of her having sex with the contestant fromSierra Leonehit the web. A teacher by profession, Betty become controversial after the footage went viral on the internet. The reality show that brings individuals from varying countries to a home located in Johannesburg, south Africa, to live there for three months, without having communications with the outside world, aims to create a platform of cultural and personal exchanges between Africans. The show, broadcast mainly through M-Net, used to involve 12 countries.Ethiopiawas added to the show on the fourth season broadcast in 2009. Betty’s act goes controversial as it contradicts with the rather conservative mores of Ethiopians that consider explicit acts of sex as corrupt.

When It Happened:

Betty was evicted from the house on the third week of the show. Her explicit acts happened on the first and second week of the show. Her highest vote to save was, however, recorded on the first week of the show.

What to Know:

Betty is a teacher in profession. She also works as a translator. She expresses herself as brave, confident, committed and able to make the right decision at the right time. The 26 years old teacher was one of the 26 contestants on the eighth season of Big Brother Africa, the African version of the Big Brother reality show.  Since 2003, the show has run nine seasons. Contestants fromNigeriahave won three consecutive seasons, a record in the show’s history, while those fromZambia,Tanzania,Angola,Zimbabwe,South Africaand Nambia have each won one titles.  The show is broadcast in 42 countries.



Betty’s participation in the show marked the fifth time thatEthiopiais represented in the show. The show lasted 91 days, while Betty was in the show for only 29 days (31.8pc of the show time). Her nomination per week had never been more than three. Her total nomination in her stay in the house was 10. Whereas she received two nominations each in the first and third week, her nominations on the second and fourth week of the show were three each. By the time Betty was evicted, the show has already reduced the number of contestants to 21. The contestant fromSierra Leone, with whom Betty was seen having sex, stayed on the show until the 35th day. The total nominations he received until his eviction reached 19. His maximum nomination was five.


Betty’s sexual scene on the show was heavily criticised by the conservative section of the society as typically “None-Ethiopian”. Various commentaries have been written on whether the act is lawful or not. Even if Betty, after the show, and her mother tried to defend the act as an outright lie and completely within the bounds of individual right, the dominant view over the act was disparagement. There also had been some initiatives by a group of lawyers to sue Betty over the act.
Personal Highlight:

Betty is said to love confident, punctual and reasonable people. It is said that “big-mouth people” are what she dislikes most. Her favourite food is pizza and her favourite book is entitled, “The Notebook”. Her favourite spot inEthiopiais said to be Kuriftu Resort,Debreziet,Ethiopia.

In Hindsight:

The cash prize for the winner of the reality show ranges from 250,000 dollars to 300,000 dollars.

Published on Sep, 08, 2013 [ Vol 14 ,No 697]



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