Bow Out

Former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn bows before the Ethiopian flag in the compound of the Jubilee Palace, around Yohannis Street. Over two months since his resignation from office, he was given a farewell dinner at the Palace by his successor, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD).

Ambassadors and delegates of international institutions were invited to witness what was a jovial event in which two of the nation’s subsequent leaders showed that they harbour no hard feelings for one another. Heads of government agencies and religious leaders were also in attendance.

The speeches made by Abiy and Hailemariam, were the highlight of the event. The Prime Minister thanked Hailemariam for the continued support he gives on the intricacies of the Office at Arat Kilo. And praised him as one of the few public officials that could be an example to others in the upright exercise of power.

Abiy pronounced his hope that a peaceful transition of power becomes a part of Ethiopia’s political culture. Consequently, in an address he made at the southern town of Hawassa, he mentioned a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms an individual could serve as Prime Minister to two.

Hailemariam’s speech followed, which was longer and more forward-looking than a reflection on his premiership. He went on to thank his wife, Roman Tesfaye, and reiterate his support for Abiy. Asking the public to be practical on the political and economic goals that are being called for, he stated that it is better to be supportive and patient of the Prime Minister’s actions first than be critical.

The speeches were followed by an award ceremony where a gold medal and the nation’s highest diploma of honour were bestowed upon Hailemariam and his wife.

Published on Apr 28,2018 [ Vol 18 ,No 939]



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