Bus Shelters to Receive Maps, Routes, Locations

Bandira Addis, an information technology firm, will deliver the maps in two months

500 Newly-installed bus shelters in Addis Abeba will acquire maps showing routes and current locations.

A local information technology firm, Bandira Addis Map Entertainment Plc, will create the maps using an application designed by the firm, Addis Map Pro. The maps are to be delivered free of charge to the Addis Abeba City Transport Authority under a Memorandum of Understanding signed in April between the firm and the authority.   The maps are aimed at making public transport users aware of bus routes and make them easily understandable, especially to those who are strangers to the city, according to Dawit Zeleke, deputy manager of the authority.

The maps are to be coated with a sticker-back and affixed on stainless steel parts of the bus shelters, and the map keys will be inscribed in both Amharic and English.

Bandira, established almost a decade ago with a quarter million Birr capital by a team of five information technology professionals, is undertaking the project with no financing from the authority, but is seeking sponsors.

“We require sponsors for the 300,000 Br that we need to print the maps,” said Surafel Aklilu, general manager of the firm.

By taking on the project, the firm is trying to promote its services, according to Alazar Tekle, deputy manager of Bandira.

The firm’s Addis Map Pro product has been under development for the last decade at a cost of 800,000 Br. The application can be used in real-time navigation via the internet and off-line also. Bandira hopes to use the technology across the country.  The firm is collecting data through Global Positioning System, a satellite-based navigation application that provides geolocations and time information to a linked receiver anywhere on the planet.

In addition to roads, the map is expected to cover around 80,000 service points, which include hotels, cafes, police stations, medical centres and religious places.

The authority installed 500 new bus shelters last year at a cost of 97 million Br.  The installation of the shelters was completed last year by the Chinese firm Jiangxi Water & Hydropower International.

“As long as the innovation is conducted with a clear scope and target group, it may simplify the life of the people,” said Melaku Tesfaye, a network consultant for a decade and a half, appreciating the effort made by the company.


Published on Aug 04,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 953]



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