Chamber Battle

It was to elect a president, vice president and a new board of directors, in addition to hearing the last budget year’s performance report, that the Addis Abeba Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Associations (AACSA) held its ninth general assembly last Thursday, December 19, 2013, at the Hilton Hotel. But it seemed to turn into an occasion for counterparts to freely express their grudges and complaints against one another.

When the meeting was about to commence at around 1.30pm, a dispute erupted between Zafu Eyesuswork, left, previously a   president – who was among those questioning the legality of the Board, even to the extent of joining hands with others and complaining to Kebede Chanie, minister for Trade, before the meeting day arrived – and an organiser of the meeting, over Zafu’s attendance. To resolve the dispute, Haile G/Sillassie, pictured third on the left, who was also a candidate for a membership of the Board of Directors, and Gizeshwork Tessema, pictured next to Zafu, a member who was uncomfortable with the decision of the Board to ban Zafu from attending any meeting, including the general assembly, had to intervene.

“Who are they after all?” asked Gizeshwork, who found the Board’s decision hard to swallow. “Let’s just enter the hall and see if anyone can stop us.”

Haile also confronted the organiser, questioning the right of the Board to ban a member from attending a meeting. He headed straight to Ayalew Zegeye, the one who signed the letter written to ban Zafu. Haile is seen in the picture, looking for Ayalew.

Finally after passing through a long lasting chaotic election process, nearing midnight, the Chamber has welcomed Elias Geneti- owner of the Agro Prom International Plc as its president. Ellias seems preoccupied with handling things in the coming two years of his presidency.


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