City Code Enforcement Officers to Don New Uniforms

The five million Birr procurement will supply 4,100 law enforcement officers with new uniforms

The city administration invested close to five million Birr to redesign the uniforms of 4,100 law enforcement officers to combat crimes committed by individuals donning similar uniforms to the ones worn by officers.

The new outfits were distributed to officers from the Code Enforcement Service Office starting in the Ethiopian New Year, which began last week. Each officer received two sets of complete uniforms.

The colour of the uniforms was changed to dark blue and black from the former grey and dark green. The new uniform added some new features including badges with the name of the department, the department logo and the Ethiopian flag.

“We caught some people involved in criminal activities wearing similar uniforms as our enforcement officers,” said Henok Tadesse, communications officer of Code of Enforcement Service Office, “especially in the Piassa area.”

The Bureau, established in 2013 with the collaboration of the city police commissioner to ensure stability in the city, distributed uniforms for the third time in two years.

Adama Garment Industry, a company established in 1991 to produce light fabric garments suited for shirts, supplied the new uniforms in three months time after it was awarded the contract. The garment company competed with seven other companies during the initial tender in October 2017. None of the other companies managed to pass the technical evaluation stage of the tender, except for Adama Garment.

The company is located in the city of Adama, some 100Km south of the capital and had previously supplied uniforms to the Addis Ababa City Administration Fire & Emergency Prevention & Rescue Authority and Addis Abeba Police Commission, according to Adissalem Abate, its financial head.

The officers are tasked with crime prevention, crowd management on city roads, control of illegal business activities and maintaining the general public safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the city. The code enforcers are trained in Tolay – a military camp in Jimma, some 346Km southwest of Addis Abeba.

Before procurement of the uniforms, all woreda offices within the city sent data related to the quantity, size and height of the uniforms required for officers assigned to the Code of Enforcement Service Office.

The Bureau is also planning to provide the officers with new shoes, according to Bayesa Tolosa, finance head of the Bureau.

The Office is directly accountable to the mayor’s office, following an amendment to its establishment proclamation that placed it under the City’s Justice Bureau.



Published on Sep 15,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 959]



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