Ethio telecom Announces New Mobile Internet Packages, Tariff Revisions

At a press conference held at Hilton Addis Hotel on February 23, Abdurahim Ahmed, head of Public Relations & Communications for the state-owned telecoms monopoly, introduced a new internet service scheme and revealed the company’s mobile internet tariff revision.

This package and revision are aimed at boosting the number of mobile internet subscribers in the country, as well as providing an incentive for current subscribers. They are also intended to  facilitating the country’s quest towards modernization, Abdurahim said.

The revised tariff will decrease current internet rates for second, third and fourth generations (2G/3G and 4G) of mobile networks to a flat rate of 35 cents per megabyte (MB) from the previous 46 cents for 2G and 3G and 55 cents for 4G.

With reference to the new internet package, ethio telecom is offering daily packages of 25MB, 55MB and 100MB for the price of five birr, 10 Br and 15 Br respectively. The weekly package comprises two volumes of 100MB and 250MB, available for 20 Br and 50 Br. Eight types of packages are offered in the monthly deal. Available are packages of 500MB to 30 gigabytes (GB) ranging in price from 85 Br to 3,000 Br.

The new price revision is also applicable to EVDO monthly subscription fees, with a 14pc to  45pc decrease in current EVDO prices. Hence, according to the new tariff revision, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB packages formerly priced at 300 Br, 500 Br and 700 Br now cost 165 Br, 320 Br and 600 Br respectively.

Furthermore, the EVDO virtual private network (VPN) subscription fee has been reduced from the previous sum of 3,165 Br to 1,000 Br.

The 2,185 Br monthly fee has been reduced to 2,000 Br.

Lastly, Abdurahim announced the charging method of the CDMA 1X service has been changed into a volume based (per MB) from the previous duration based (per minute). The new price tariff is therefore 30 cents per MB instead of the earlier 12 and eight cents per minute.






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