Eyob Mekonnen, Singer

Eyob Mekonnen, Singer



What Happened:


Eyob Mekonnen, a renowned reggae singer, joined the annual spotlight with his death that sent shocks to his fans and the music industry in general. Eyob died of stroke after he reachedNairobi,Kenya, for a medical attention, on August 18, 2013. Even if Eyob managed to release only one album, enititled “Ende Kal,” he obtained fame and respect for his rather unique melodic choices and exceptional strong lyrics reflecting love, faith, hope, and self-awareness. It, however, took a while for the album to persuade music fans as worthy listening for it contained unconventional style. Once the music fan base, both in the country and outside, got used to the style, Eyob’s fame skyrocketed, making him one of the rare musicians to have acceptance across fans of varying genres.


When It Happened:


Eyob died on August 18, 2013. He had a stroke on August 13, 2012.


What to Know:


Eyob is born on October 21, 1974 in Jijiga town, South West of Ethiopia. Aside Moving to Asmera, now inEritrea, for a few years with his father, who was an officer in the Ethiopian Army, he was educated in his home town. Before joining the music scene in the capital ofEthiopia, Eyob worked as a photographer in his hometown. His first job as a vocalist happened at the famous Falcon Club, located around Kazanchis, in 1998, at the age of 24. His club life revolves around playing the songs of legendary artists such as Mohammud Ahmed and Ali Birra. Eyob was also a member of the five-person band, named Zion Band, wherein famous pop stars, such as Haile Tadesse, were members.




Eyob’s debut album – “Ende Kal” – was released in 2007. This album made him so popular that he got the chance to travel to Europe andNorth Americato entertain his growing fans. Even if his death came before he achieved his other milestone, it is said that Eyob was too close to release his second album. His duet with Zeritu Kebede and Haile Roots, respectively, are often remembered as the showcases of Eyob’s exceptional talent. There seems to be no nightclub in Addis Abeba wherein Eyob has not played his largely reggae songs that he is known for.




It is said to have taken Eyob a very long time to get a sponsor who could finance his album. Most of the major musical sponsors were suspicious of the acceptability of the album that brought a rather unique melody to the largely predictable music scene of nation. He is also said to get disappointed by the long lead time that took fans to embrace his music.
Personal Highlight:


Eyob is married and a father of one.  His is often known for his religious remarks and family-oriented life style. Loyalty to the truth is said to be the value he strongly adheres to.


In Hindsight:


Eyob was admitted to Aga Kahan University Hospital, located in Nairobi,Kenya. His death is said to have caused by ischemic stroke brought by atrial fibrillation.

Published on Sep, 08, 2013 [ Vol 14 ,No 697]



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