First Ethiopian Appointed to Lead IMF’s Africa Dep’t

Abebe Aemro Selassie, an Ethiopian, has been appointed to a key position in the International Monetary Fund by Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, assigning him a role to direct the IMF’s African Department. Since he joined the department of IMF Africa, Abebe assumed the position of a senior resident representative in Uganda, mission chief in South Africa and various roles in more than seven Africa nations.

Abebe Joined the IMF twenty-two years ago. He is expected to succeed Antoinette Sayeh, a renowned Liberian Economist. Sayeh has served the IMF for more than eight years up until August 31, 2016.

The appointment will be effective from September 19, 2016. Currently, Abebe is a deputy director of the IMF’s Africa Department.

Abebe did his Bachelor of Economics at London Polytechnic and Masters at the London School of Economics. He has contributed in leading the IMF’s effort to combat Ebola-infected countries.






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