Dagmawit Moges (left), minister of Transport, and Ergoge Tesfaye (PhD), minister of Labour & Social Affairs, were at the headquarters of the Economic Commission for Africa on November 5, 2018, for the official launch of the Ethiopian Women’s Peace Conference and Jegnit Program.

The program was opened with themes of empowering women and reinforcing their role in conflict resolution. The conflict resolution theme was inspired by the roles women play in traditional mediation processes in Oromia, Gambella, SNNPR and Afar regional states during intercommunal conflicts.

“While it is crucial to strategise and work to lessen the societal burden on women, it would be impossible to succeed if we can’t bring peace,” Yalem Tsegay, minister of Women, Children & Youth Affairs, said during the launch.

The event was held in the same week that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) sat with elders in the city of Gondar to address tensions that have been flaring up in the nation’s northern region.

Jegnit, meaning “heroine,” a program designed to empower women in the workplace and homes and to improve female representation in leadership positions was officially inaugurated.

“The goal is to alter society’s perception of women and help them gain due respect for contributions they have made and continue to make to the nation’s development and prosperity,” Yalem said.

Published on Nov 10,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 967]



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