Forex Crunch Rams Smart Parking Design to Change

In addition to the smart parking lot close to Ras Makonnen Bridge, a two basement concrete building will be added

The Addis Abeba City Road Traffic Management Agency has modified its plan of building a smart and surface parking lot, at Ras Makonnen Bridge, to a two basement concrete building.

Since the opening of letter of credit (LC) and land clearing have created delays for the construction of the smart and surface parking lot, the Agency has decided to build a two basement concrete building to alleviate traffic congestion meanwhile. The basement will be integrated into an automated parking lot that requires structures to be imported from overseas.

The basement parking will be able to accommodate 245 cars – 79 cars on the first basement and 83 cars each on the second basement and the ground floor. This will bump up the smart and surface parking lot’s capacity to 525 cars.

The Agency has hired Yohannes Abay Consulting Plc for 1.7 million Br after the firm vied with Atcon Engineering & Consulting to prepare a design for the new building. Yohannes, last week submitted the schematic design which the agency approved. The agency has since requested for the engineering cost estimation and the details of the design.

Yohannes, established in 2009, has been conducting, designing and supervising on projects such as the Cancer Treatment Centres in Meqelle and Gonder, and a master plan design for the city of Bahir Dar. Yohannes is also the consultant on the smart and surface parking lot that the Agency has been planning to build at a cost of 105 million Br on 3,000sqm of land.

The construction work for the smart and surface parking lot was awarded to Rocket Construction & General Trading and Dong Yang PC Incorporated after they vied with six local and foreign companies.

Rocket, established in 2009, has constructed bridges in the Amhara Regional State and built buildings inside the Civil Service University. Currently, it is constructing speed humps at different parts of the city after being awarded the project by the capital’s Traffic Agency. Dong Yang is a 16-year-old Korean company that specialises in automatic parking systems.

The Agency is in the process of acquiring a construction permit from the Addis Abeba Construction Permit & Control Authority. This is because of a new directive that necessitates all government infrastructure projects acquire a construction permit from the Ministry before commencing, which used to only apply for private ventures, according to Maernet Gebretsadiq, Parking Lots Development, Expansion & Licensing Service leader at the Agency.

“The construction for the basement parking lot will begin in five months,” she said.

The Office of Transport Programmes Management built the first two smart and surface parking lots last year, one in Megenagna and the other in Wollo Sefer.

A surface and automated parking lot close to Merkato has also neared completion, according to Berhanu Girma, deputy director of the Agency, while four parking lots are at different stages of design and tender process. They are located along Churchill Road; close to Ras Abebe Aregay Street near Wabi Shebele Hotel with a capacity of holding 1,000 cars; another one in Megenagna, and the fourth in Saris. The parking lot in Saris will cost 7.4 million Br, but is currently facing problems relating to land.

“Until the completion of the on-street and off-street parking lots, painted boxes in 3,525 places across the city will temporarily serve to alleviate the congestion,” said Berhanu.

Berhanu Zeleke (PhD), who has worked at the Urban Development Studies Department of Urban Transport Management for over two decades, finds merit in the Agency’s plan. But he has reservations about the allocated budgets to construct them.

“The are meaningless unless the spaces can accommodate at least a thousand cars,” he told Fortune.

There are currently over half a million cars in Addis Abeba alone, which takes a high share of the overall 825,448 in the entire country as of last year.


Published on May 12,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 941]



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