Habesha Weekly Grips Easter Expo Bid

Habesha Weekly, a local event organiser and promoter, made a second high offer of 21 million Br in the span of one week to organise the upcoming Ethiopian Easter holiday expo.

A week ago Habesha signed an agreement with Addis Abeba Exhibition & Marketing Development Enterprise to rent the venue of the Enterprise to organise a 21-day Christmas Expo. It won the bid with the record offer of 26.2 million Br beating Eyoha Addis Entertainment & Event and Century Promotion Services, which offered 21.7 million Br and 21.5 million Br, respectively.

This time, too, the company has competed against these same two companies to organise the Easter expo, which is expected to attract over half a million visitors. The total amount of Habesha’s investment for the two holidays adds up to 47.2 million Br.

The bid to rent the space of the Enterprise for the two holidays was jointly floated months back, and the financial opening was held last month. While the three companies placed their offers for the Christmas event, Habesha did not make an offer for Easter, which led to the cancellation of the Easter Holiday tender.

“We cancelled the bid to give the bidders space for competition,” Tamrat Admasu, general manager of the Enterprise, told Fortune.

The Easter expo tender re-tendered and the same three companies made offers last week where Habesha placed the highest bid to win. Habesha’s offer is 5.5 times higher than the 3.8 million Br offer made for the same expo in 2015.

A decade-old company, Habesha Weekly engages in music and video production, and hosts an entertainment television program previously televised on Ethiopian Broadcasting Service(EBS) but has since moved to JTV Ethiopia. The company is also involved in media, communications and marketing services. Its latest financial report published two years ago shows that it has earned an estimated 18.7 million Br a year.

Habesha’s first holiday exhibition was the Christmas expo held in 2014. The expo dubbed as Labyssine International was organised in cooperation with a French company. It has also hosted Habesha New Year Expo 2015, winning the bid for 9.5 million Br. Since then, it has not won any bid, though it has placed offers for some tenders.

Sitting on 27,051sqm area of land, the center has four pavilions of different sizes. The first pavilion can hold 90 minimum-sized booths, while the second and the third pavilions can hold 48 booths each. The open space can also accommodate up to 140 stalls. The fourth one is outsourced for gymnasium services. It also has four cottages and one traditional restaurant.

Established in 1983 by the Addis Abeba City Administration, the center is operated by the Addis Abeba City Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Association (AACCSA), which is under a management contract with the City Administration. On average, the center hosts up to 52 events a year.

The nearest holiday expo, New Years will be hosted by Eyoha Addis, which won the bid for 20.6 million Br.

The city does not have ample alternative expo venues. Apart from the roadsides, the other venue is Millennium Hall, a decade old hall located on Africa Avenue close to Bole International Airport. Another larger venue, Addis Africa International Convention & Exhibition Center (AAICEC), is under construction by CGCOC Group Ltd in Yeka District.

Adonic Worku, managing director of Habesha Weekly, did not respond to the enquires sent from Fortune before the paper went to print.

Published on Jul 21,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 951]



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