Junedin Sado, former minister of Civil Service

Junedin Sado, former minister of Civil Service


What Happened:

Junedin Sado, the former minister of Civil Service (MoCS), joined the spotlight with his unfortunate conflict with the movers and shakers of the very political party he is a member of – the ruling EPRDF. Junedin’s clash with his compatriots started with the detention of his wife, Habiba Mohammed, suspected of collaborating with individuals conspiring to destabilise the nation. In his commentary to a private newspaper, Junedin defended his wife, caught by the police in driving out from the Saudi Arabian Embassy inEthiopiawith pieces of Korans and 50,000Br.His defence, however, seem to have created serious fallouts for him within his party. The powers therebe were distasteful of his approach that is unconventional to the cultures of the ruling party that adheres to the principle of centralised democracy. It all started from Junedin’s expulsion from the executive committee of the Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organisation (OPDO), a constituent of the ruling EPRDF. The saga goes to replace Junedin at the MoCS with Muktar Kedir, Junedin’s compatriot at the OPDO.

When It Happened:

Junedin is said to have fled toKenyain February, 2013. Rumour had it that he was killed on his way toKenya, even if no proof in favour of against has yet emerged.

What to Know:

Junedin is born in Arsi,OromiaRegionalState. His educational background, unlike most of his colleagues, is Geology. He has a Master’s Degree in geology. His first post in the public sector came as a member of theOromiaRegionalStatecabinet. His has served there for three years until 2002. Moving the up the ladder, he became the president of Oromia Region by the same year. Yet, it was only in 2006 that Junedin’s transfer to the federal government’s rank and file happened. His first appointment at the federal level was as minister of Transport & Communications. After serving two years at the MoTC, he then moved to the Ministry of Science & Communications (MoSC) as minister. From 2010 until his expulsion, Junedin has been serving as minister of Civil Service.


The appointment of Junedin as Oromia’s president was considered to be a thoughtful technocratic decision by the ruling EPRDF. And it was the said to be a wise decision for the intellectual Junedin, who had been teaching atArbaMinchUniversity. It was his appointment at the Ministry of Transport & Communications that is often considered as an important milestone in his career, however. The reforms that he has introduced in the agencies that the Ministry supervises, including the telecom monopoly, the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC), are considered to be impactful.


Junedin’s exile came after rumours start to spin over his possible detainment in relation to his unconventional approach to defending his wife. In his defence commentary, Junedin argued that the money and Korans seized by the police from his wife’s car were donations from the Saudi Embassy inEthiopiato be used in the Mosque he organised to be built over the holdings of his deceased mother. Prosecution papers, however, claimed that Junedin’s wife conspired with extremist groups.

Personal Highlight:

Junedin is married and a father of three. Well-versed with the policies of the ruling EPRDF, he had been the preferred technocratic figure in policy debates. Junedin is said to be humane and understanding.

In Hindsight:

It was under Junedin’s supervision that that the latest increment to the salary of public servants was introduced. The increment put additional 2.5 billion Br budgetary burden to the federal government, in 2011 prices.

Published on Sep, 08, 2013 [ Vol 14 ,No 697]



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