Kuriftu Owners to Manage Refurbished Hotel, Wine House

The businesses, in Ziway and Langano, have selected Boston Partners because of their extensive experience

Boston Partners Plc, owner of Kuriftu Resort & Spa, is taking over the whole management of Castel Wine House and the old Langano Bekele Molla Hotel.

The company completed its talks with the French winemaker, Castel Winery, seven months ago, while negotiations with the Bekele Molla Hotel, now called Simbo Beach Resort, are still ongoing and expected to be completed in a week’s time, according to its new owner, Mulugeta Tesfakiros, owner of Muller Real Estate.

Castel Winery has a 450ha wine farm in Ziway, where it also keeps its winery.

“We were considering other experienced companies in hotel management, but the experience of Kuriftu Resort has been very appealing to us,” Mulugeta told Fortune.

Castel Wine House & Restaurant will be inaugurated on April 12, 2014, in Ziway town, East Shewa Zone of the Oromia Region, 163km from Addis Abeba.

Kuriftu and Castel Wine House completed negotiations seven months ago, says Alemtshay Bekelle, sales & Marketing manager of Castel Winery, .

The Wine House & Restaurant, with a capacity to serve 200 customers, will hire 50 workers, says Tadios Belete, the owner of Kuriftu Resort & Spa. It has four gazebos, one open kitchen and a wine tasting room for professional tasters.

“Castel decided to agree to Boston’s takeover of its management, considering that they are better experienced in hotel management,” Alemtsehay said. “Castel believes that its overarching objective of rendering fresh wine service is better served through this arrangement.”

The Castel Wine House is built near the wine farm in Ziway, making it possible to get fresh wine for customers, according to Alemtsehay.

There is another consideration on the part of Castel to agree to Boston’s takeover. As a wine producer, Castel prefers to leave service provision to another company.

Castel acquired 450ha of land in Battu, Ziway, in early 2008, where it has its vineyard and factory on 120ha. It grows four different types of wine, with which it makes the Rift Valley and Acacia wines.

The Langano Bekele Molla Hotel was acquired for 80 million Br by Mulugeta, one of the three shareholders of Akakas Logistics, on June 8, 2011.

After acquiring the Hotel, which is built on a 264,734sqm plot in Langano – 195km south of Addis Abeba in the Arsi Negele woreda of the Oromia Region – Mulugeta spent 20 million Br to renew it.

After being acquired by Mulugeta, the Hotel changed its name to Simbo Beach Resort.

Simbo will commence service on June 1, 2014, under the Kuriftu’s management, Mulugeta believes.

Based on the specialty of Boston, there will be additional services, like sauna, steam and massage.


Published on April 6, 2014 [ Vol 14 ,No 727]



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