Latest Brief News Articles-From October 6, 2012-November 8, 2012.


Nation Raises Cement Production

The annual cement production capacity ofEthiopiaincreased to over 10 million tonnes, according to Ministry of Industry (MoI). The annual production increased due to the considerable increase in the number of cement factories. There are 17 cement plants. Currently, cement demand inEthiopiais not greater than 2.8 million tones, thus raising per capita cement consumption in the country to 35 Kg.Ethiopiaenvisaged boosting its annual cement production to 27 million tonnes by the end of Transformation and Growth Plan (GTP) period.

Publication: The Ethiopian Herald October 6, 2012.


Agency Issued 6,166 Foreign Investment Projects

The Ethiopian Investment Agency (EIA) has issued licenses to 6,166 foreign investment projects that have a combined registered capital of approximately 360.7 billion Birr so far. The projects are expected to create job opportunities for 1.7 million citizens when they are fully operational. Of them, 1,377 projects which became operational with a registered capital of 43 billion Birr have already succeeded in creating 328,480 employment opportunities, according to the Agency Public Relations Head.

Publication: The Ethiopian Herald November 2, 2012.


Leather Export Generates $25.2ml USD

Export of leather and leather products ,which included finished leather, shoes, leather clothing and gloves, earned the country 25.3 million dollars in the first quarter of the ongoing budget year.  The export of finished leather has shown a steady growth generating 20.2 million dollars in the first quarter, which is 5.5million dollar greater than same period in the previous year. Export of leather shoes generates four million dollars, showing a 1.8 million dollars growth, said corporate communications director of the Leather Industry Development Institute.

Publication: The Ethiopian Herald November 2, 2012.


Oil Seeds, Pulses, Spices Revenue Up 31pc

Export of oil seeds, pulses and spices sector registered a revenue growth of 31pc in the first two years of Transformation & Growth Plan (GTP) period. The amount of export of the sector, which was 539,000 tonnes prior to the GTP period, grew to 608,000 tonnes in the second year of the GTP. During the same period the revenue grew from 506.2 million dollars to 663.6 million dollars. Last year the nation has earned 470 million dollars from export of the best performing sub sector, oilseeds.

Publication: The Ethiopian Herald November 6, 2012.

ResearchCenterReleased 29 Potato Varieties

The Holleta agricultural research center announced that it has released 29 new potato varieties nationwide, and found new potato variety with production capacity of 400 quintals a hectare. The conventional potato varieties have a production capacity of 80 quintals, but the recently released potato varieties have production capacity of 250 to 300 quintals a hectare.

Publication: Addis Zemen November 8, 2012.

Farmers Benefit from Animal Fattening

Farmers engaged in animal fattening in Darimu Woreda, Ilu Abba Bora Zone of Oromia State have secured more than 14 million Birr profit over the past four months. More than seven farmers have secured the stated sum form the sale of over 11,000 heads of cattle, sheep and goats. He said consecutive training and education is being offered to farmers as to how making additional income from animal husbandry and apiary.

Publication: The Ethiopian Herald November 8, 2012.

Published on Nov 11, 2012 [ Vol 13 ,No 654]



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