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ERC Announces 73pc of City Railway Construction Completed
The Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC) announced that 73pc of the city railway construction is completed and therefore will begin examination service in January, 2015.
Following the completion 41 trains will be imported from China in September, 2014, says Dereje Tefera, Communication Department head at the Corporation. After the project is brought to completion, the management will be handed over to well experience international companies for a certain period of time, which will be taken over by Ethiopia after knowledge and technology transfer is made, according to Dereje. Currently, 252 Ethiopians are taking training on trade master, train system management and train maintenance services.
Publication: Addis Zemen, July 30, 2014
City Administration Closes 248 Shops
Addis Ababa Trade and Industry Development Bureau (AATIDB) closed 248 retailer shops that it has claimed unreasonably increased their selling prices following the announcement by the government of the salary adjustment the detail of which is yet to be publicized.
“The price rise has no economic reason,” said Shisema Gebre Sellassie, head of the Bureau. “This was illegal and unfair. We will do a strict follow up and continue taking measures.”
Parallel to the measures being taken on illegal business persons, the Bureau also plans to expand and strengthen Consumers Cooperative Unions in each Woreda. The Unions would avail more items at reasonable price and are open for everyone, he added.
Publication: The Ethiopian Herald, July 25, 2014
Ethiopian Receives Three Aircrafts for Pilots Training
The Ethiopian Airlines took delivery of three American made Cessna 172 pilot training aircraft, which is a four-seat and a single engine each and certified by America and Europe on yesterday July 25, 2014.
The newly bought aircraft help improve the capacity of the academy in training more pilots for the growing demand in the aviation sector, Samuel Assefa, manager director at the Ethiopian Aviation Academy. The ET has also announced its plan to expand the academy at a cost of nearly 50 million Br.
Publication: The Ethiopian Herald, July 26, 2014
Tendaho Dam Nears Completion
The Water Works Design & Supervision Enterprise (WWDSE) announced that Tendaho Dam Built to irrigate sugar cane for Tendaho Sugar Factory can now fully supply the required water. The enterprise has finalized 98pc of the construction, which has the capacity to hold 1.86 billion cubic meters of water.
The dam has a capacity to develop over 60,000 hectares and provide pasture land and farm land for the surrounding community.
Publication: The Ethiopian Herald, July 29, 2014
Tourism Earns Two Billion Br in 2013/14 for Ethiopia
The Ministry of Culture & Tourism (MoCT) announced that in the last fiscal year, the nation earned two billion dollar from the 724, 000 foreign tourists, which indicates a 25pc growth.
Tourist flow has shown a 12pc average growth, and the Government’s commitment to improve the sector and the increasing number of service providing institutions engaged in the sector are playing vital role in this regard, according to Amin Abdulkadir, minister of MoCT. The Minister added that stakeholders should give special priority to address problems related to wildlife, sanctuaries, infrastructural development and tourist service provision.
The Ministry has also planned to give hotel standards and has been preparing the standard jointly with United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
Publication: The Ethiopian Herald, July 25, 2014






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