Local Firms Seal Deal Worth 1.3b Br

Twelve local firms to construct 26.4Km roads

Twelve local contractors and consulting firms completed deals to construct, design and supervise 26.4Km of new asphalt and gravel roads for 1.3 billion Br.

The Addis Abeba City Road Authority awarded the contracts last Friday, September 7, 2018, at the Authority’s office on Roosevelt Street.

The deal also includes the consultancy and supervision work and the design and preliminary feasibility study of roads.

Yotek Construction Plc took a 1.4Km section of a 30-meter wide road that extends from Shiro Meda to Qusquam for 115 million Br a kilometre. The project is set to be completed within two years time.

Yotek also won another contract to an construct asphalt concrete road from Fafa Food Factory to Debre Zeit, approximately 3.51Km, for 84 million Br a kilometre.

Cross Land Construction won 304.3 million Birr of contracts to build two sections of roads – 2.8Km length asphalt and 2.23Km gravel roads at the condominium sites of Bole Bulbula, Asco and Imperial – for approximately 60.8 million Br a kilometre.

The project from Ras Desta Hospital through Qechene Medihanialem to a bus stop on Arbegnoch street, covering 2.5Km of asphalt concrete, was contracted to Markan Trading for the bid price of 8.2 million Br a kilometre. Walga Construction won a 5.78Km gravel access road construction in Fanuel for 1.2 million Br a kilometre.

FAL General Contractor secured a deal for 328.4 million to construct roads inside five condominium sites in Bole Ayat. The seven kilometres roads with a width of 12m to 30m and pedestrian walkways will intersect seven internal roads, with five kilometres covered by asphalt concrete road and the remaining to be constructed with sub-base material.

Classic Consulting Engineers will supervise the five contractors of 14 roads for a 2.03 million Br consulting fee.

Semahal Electromechanical Plc will install roadside lighting for 30.7 million Br.

Stadia Engineering Consultancy, Gogot Engineering Consultancy and Elda Engineering Consultants were hired to conduct a preliminary feasibility study of future roads including corridor determination, environmental and social impact assessments, detail engineering design and preparation of tender documents.

Road Design & Development Consultancy Enterprise and Omega Consultancy Enterprise were awarded the design of approximately 53Km of a road designed for future construction.

“Upon completion, the roads would alleviate traffic congestion in the city,” said Moges Tibebu, director of the authority, “it will also help pedestrians.”


Published on Sep 08,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 958]



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