Local IT Firm Seals Deal to Automate Auditor General Office

IE Network Solutions will get paid 40 million Br to finish the project within the next six months

The Office of the Federal Auditor General (OFAG) has awarded IE Network Solutions Plc, a local networking company, the contract to build a data centre at the cost of 40 million Br.

The procurement agent of the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), Delivering Procurement Services for Aid (DPSA), selected the winning company and announced it two weeks ago.

IE Network Solutions will install the system and fully hand over the project within the coming six months. The centre will help the Office to centralise, control, consolidate and simplify management, increase security and operational efficiencies, speed up application rollouts and host information technology (IT) requirements.

Founded in 2008, IE Network Solutions started work with two shareholders and a capital of 100,000 Br, and currently has a registered capital of five million Birr with 50 employees. It has installed data centres for organisations including the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), Dashen Bank, General Electric and Debrebirhan University.

DFID Ethiopia is funding the data centre equipment, installation, and training.

The new data centre will be built in the new 10-storey building of OFAG, located behind the Addis Ababa Exhibition Centre & Market Development Enterprise. The centre will incorporate servers, storages, backup systems and core network equipment.

The new system will allow the Office to ease the process of accessing data from remote areas to be used for audit operations, according to Yigrem Mengesha, director of OFAG’s Information System Service.

OFAG’s IT Unit studied all the designs, infrastructures, systems, services and related training requirements to be implemented in the new data centre based on the needs of the many upgraded systems.

“This system will help in the quality and efficiency of future audits,” said Ahmed Mohammed, adviser for DFID Governance.

DFID’s projects in Ethiopia focus on governance and security, education, health, wealth creation, and climate change. DFID supports the country on tax reform, public finance management reform, and audit capacity building.

All relevant data will be fed into the new system as required based on the needs of OFAG.

“After completing this project we hope to modernise the audit process by assuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of data for efficient use,” said Yigrem.

The new data centre will be integrated with the existing infrastructure for optimisation of IT productivity and resource utilisation.

Recently, many government and state-owned institutions have been building data centres to bring an efficient and effective organisation system, such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance & Economic Cooperation (MoFEC), and the University of Gondar.


Published on Jul 16,2017 [ Vol 18 ,No 899]



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