Mohammed Aman, Middle Distance Runner

Mohammed Aman, Middle Distance Runner


What Happened:


Mohammed Aman, a middle distance runner, joined the spotlight for his exceptional talent in winning multiple 800m titles in different races.  For a country whose dominance has for long been in long distance running, Mohammed has become a rare breed of athlete to bring new hope to the athletic history of the nation. The athlete who faced so many challenges to persuade friends and authorities to believe in his ability started his career under Muger Cement Club. Even if he started running in short distances – 100m and 200m – he later switched to 800m. It is in this same distance that Mohammed gained fame in the world athletic scene. His latest win in the World Championship held inMoscow,Russia, put him at the fore of the global athletic spotlight.

When It Happened:

Mohammed won the World Athletics Championship for 800m in August, 2013. However, his first international title was obtained in 2009 at the African Junior Athletics Championship.

What to Know:

Mohammed’s is born in Asella,OromiaRegionalState, on January 4, 1994. In travelling first to Addis Abeba, he was hosted by his sister – Meseret Aman. His first club – Muger Cement – used to pay him 550 Br per month. Mohammed was the inagural winner in 1,000m of the 2010 Youth Olympics held inSingapore. His participation in the World Youth Championship of 2011 obtained him a silver medal. Even then, the support that he obtained from Ethiopian athletics fans was limited for they see his effort as a futile task by a dreamful young man with no comprehensive understanding of the global athletics scene and the competitive advantage of Ethiopians. Mohammed is the only successful athlete amongst the 25 short-distance runners that Muger Cement embraced under its team.


Mohammed ran the Ethiopian record time in 800m in 2011 at the semi-final of the World Championship in Athletics. But, at final of the event, he finished last. He improved his personal record at the Notturna di Milano. His win at the International Association of Athletics Federations’ (IAAF) World Indoor Championship of 2011, held inIstanbul,Turkey, has made him the youngest gold medallist in the race. But, the most memorable of his achievement comes at the Zurich Diamond League, at which he achieved the 1:42 mark that only few athletes managed to achieve. He is also too close to bag the title for Diamond League of 2013, being hosted in different countries, by collecting 14 points, 10 points ahead of his closest competitor.


Mohammed has passed through many disappointing moments in his effort to win international acclaim in middle-distance running. The prime challenge he faced was the faulty prejudgment he used to face from friends, fellow athletes, coaches and officials.

Personal Highlight:

Mohammed is said to be very good at listening to his coaches. He is also said to be a very religious person. He is said to love milk so much.

In Hindsight:

His latest gains from his fame include a Diamond Trophy and 40,000 dollars at the Zurich Diamond League, and a 10,000 dollars prize at the Moscow World Championship.

Published on Sep, 08, 2013 [ Vol 14 ,No 697]



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