News In Brief From February 19, 2013.


Dire Dawa Confiscates 43m Br Worth of Contraband Goods

The Revenues & Customs Branch office in Dire Dawa has confiscated contraband goods worth 43 million Br, in the first half of the current fiscal year. The goods include packed cigarettes, medicine, clothing, electronic gadgets and food items, according to Ferhan Ali, office deputy general manager. The goods were seized from the Jijiga-Togochalle border in East Harerge.

Publication: Ethiopian Herald, February 19, 2013.


Ericsson Launches 3G Connect To Learn in Millennium Village

Ericsson has provided the network infrastructure to bring voice and data communications to a Millennium Village Project in Kararo, located in a remote part of northern Ethiopia. With to 3G connectivity, close to 4,000 students and their teachers at two schools involved in the Connect To Learn initiative will now have access to modern learning and teaching resources through Ericsson’s cloud computing solutions.

Publication: Daily Monitor, February 19, 2013.


Investors Launch 47m Br Worth of Projects

Investors with a combined capital of 47 million Br have been undertaking various projects in Dessie town of Amhara regional State during the last six months of the current fiscal year. The investment projects are in the areas of agriculture, education, health and construction, according to Alebachew Yesuf, mayor of Dessie. Close to 11,400sqm of land has been provided for the project by the town administration.

Publication: Ethiopian Herald, February 19, 2013.

Bale Zone Licences 316m Br Worth of Projects

Close to 28 investors with 316 million Br total capital received licences in the last six months to engage in the agricultural sector in Bale Zone of Oromia Regional State. The investors have received 3,000ha of land, according to Muhadin Ismael, head of the investment office. Upon becoming operational, the projects will create 1,500 temporary and permanent job opportunities.

Publication: Ethiopian Herald, February 17, 2013.

Bench Majji Zone Recieve 100m Br Investment

Investors with 100 million Br combined capital have engaged in various investment activities in Bench Majji Zone, Southern Regional State, during the last six months of the current fiscal year. The investors are undertaking the projects on 1,000ha of land in Mizan Aman, Menit Shasha, Guraferda and Majji weredas. The investments cover the development of spice, fruits and vegetables, hotel and tourism, as well as industry sectors.

Publication: Ethiopian Herald, February 20, 2013.


Irrigation Allows Farmers to Develop 26,000ha of Land

Close to 44,000 farmers are developing 26,000ha of land through irrigation in 24 weredas in Arsi Zone, Oromia Regional State. The farmers are cultivating vegetables and fruits on the land, according to Ahmed Seid, deputy head of the office. These farmers are making use of 649 water pumping machines, worth 18 million Br, to undertake the project. The government has distributed 60,000ql of improved fruit and vegetable seeds, said Ahmed.

Publication: Ethiopian Herald, February 13, 2013.

Fogera Zone Nurtures 27m Seedlings

Close to 27 million seedlings are being nurtured in Fogera Zone of Amhara Regional State. The seedlings are being prepared at 550 seedling nitrating stations, said Chalacher Molla, natural resources work process coordinator at the office. The seedlings will be transplanted on 2,000ha of land to restore depleted forest in the wereda.

Publication: Ethiopian Herald, February 19, 2013.


Borena Zone Collects 52m Br Revenue

Borena Zone of Oromia Regional State Revenue Office has collected 52 million Br during the last six months. The revenue was collected from different income titles in 13 weredas and one urban administration in the zone. This amount exceeded the same period last year by 18 million Br.

Publication: Ethiopian Herald, February 20, 2013.

Published on Feb 24, 2013 [ Vol 13 ,No 669]



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