Police Arrest Second Suspect in Awash Bank Robbery

Police have arrested the second suspect of the armed robbery on Awash Bank’s Jacross Branch, which happened yesterday, December 7, late in the afternoon.

The suspects, five in number, robbed 1.1 million Br from the Bank at approximately 4:30pm. They were armed with guns and at least one knife.

When trying to escape on their motorcycles, one of the suspected robbers was caught by the Bank’s security personnel and other bystanders around the area.

“The suspect had 840,000 Br in his bag,” said Mechal Bedada, Awash Bank branding and communications manager. “The cash was returned to the bank and the branch resumed service today.”

The incident happened while staff members were on duty and the robbers came in and pulled a gun on the two shift security guards and took their weapons, according to eyewitnesses.

“After they entered the Bank, they ordered the staff to lay down on the floor and packed their bag with money and rushed out of the bank,” an eyewitness told Fortune.

During the incident, the robbers broke the window of one the counters and a television.

The incident was a first of its kind for Awash. Awash opened Jacross Branch, one its 316 branches, three years ago.

Six months ago, another the private bank, Abyssinia, faced an attempted robbery of 5.6 million Br from its Bole Medhanialem Branch by its own security guard and two collaborators.

Published on Dec 08,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 971]



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