Roads Authority Projects in Excess of Six Billion Br

The total cost of the three roads will be covered by the government which is executing an overall programme of road development

The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) on April 14, 2015 signed three road project contracts worth 6.2 billion Br, which will be fully covered by the Ethiopian government’s budget.

The three roads are the Sodo Tercha road located in the Southern Nation, Nationalities and People’s Region, the Ditchoto Galafi road in the Afar Region and the Gashena Lalibela Sekota road in the Amhara Region. The total length of the three road projects is 262.6Km.

As part of the government’s fourth road development programme, the contractual agreement of the three road project is aimed at transforming the existing gravel surfaced roads into asphalt roads due to high traffic flows in the areas and their growing socio-economic opportunities.

The road project of Sodo Tercha is to be undertaken by China Railway Seventh Group Engineering Co. Ltd at a cost of 1.6 billion Br and will consist of improving the existing gravel surface of the road project extending from the Omo River to Tercha.

China Railway Seventh Group, a state owned construction company, which had previously taken on the road projects of Dodola Junction Goba and Dera-Gololcha Mechara roads in the Oromia Regional State, and other road projects, was awarded around 276 million dollars in the years between 2013 to 2014.

Construction work on the seven metre long, 83.4Km Sodo Tercha road project is expected to be accomplished after three and half years.

The Defense Construction Enterprise of Ethiopia has signed a 2.6 billion Br contract to upgrade the Ditchoto Galafi road, which is 15Km in length. The Ditchoto Galafi road is to connect Ethiopia with the port of Tadjoura in Djibouti and to facilitate Ethiopia’s import and export trade, said Sisay Bekele, acting director general of the ERA. It is expected to begin in six months, and be completed in three year’s time, according to Welday Berhe, the general manager of Defence Construction.

The third project, the Gashena Lalibela Sekota located in the Amhara regional State road is to improve the existing gravel surfaced 98.7 Km road and is going to be undertaken by China First Highway Engineering Co. Ltd at a cost of two billion Birr. The consulting firm of this project is an Ethiopian firm known as Best Consulting Engineers Plc.

This road project is urgent and problematic as the area is surrounded by escarpments and mountains, Sisay said, adding that the road project will solve the transportation problem of the residents of the area and will have a positive contribution to the increase of the tourist flow to Lalibela.

China First Highway Engineering Co. Ltd is also a state-owned Chinese enterprise, which had been engaged in different road projects in Ethiopia. Previously, it had taken the 80Km road project of the expressway of Adama on a 612 million Br contract and the four Km Africa Avenue road, which extends from Meskel Square to Bole International Airport.


Published on April 20, 2015 [ Vol 15 ,No 781]



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