Three Firms Vie to Supply Bunna with ATMs

The procurement could cost the bank over 16 million Br

Three companies are competing to supply 50 automated teller machines (ATM) to one of the new entrants to private banking, Bunna International Bank. The procurement, tendered last June, is expected to cost the bank over 16 million Br.

Moti Engineering Plc, Computer Business Machines (CBM) and Minaye Plc submitted bids that were deemed technically qualified and progressed to the financial evaluation stage.

During the financial bid opening held on August 30, 2018, Moti placed the lowest bid of 16.4 million Br, CBM offered 16.5 million Br, and the highest bid was offered by Minaye at 18.6 million Br, according to sources close to the case. However, the management of the bank declined to disclose the offers citing the non-disclosure arrangement of an ongoing bidding process.

Established in 2006 and with a history of having supplied over 4,000 teller machines, Moti proposed NCR brand ATMs from the US. CBM, which has provided over 800 machines, offered the US-based Debold brand; and Minaye, a company established in 1992 and involved in multiple sectors, presented the Chinese brand of GRG.

Twenty-six ATMs are proposed to be placed inside buildings, while 24 ATMs will be deployed at outdoor sites. The procurement will push the total number of the Bunna’s machines to 95. Bunna also possesses 50 point-of-sale terminals as of June 30, 2019, with a target to eventually operate a total of 500 terminals.

The new machines will be added to the banking industry’s current total of 3,127 ATMs, of which 1,451 belong to private banks, and the remaining belong to the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

So far, the bank has issued a total of 45,000 debit cards with at least 30,000 cards issued as new. Established nine years ago, the bank operates with 174 branches located across the country and employs 1,700 permanent employees. The bank is also in the process of procuring a card personalisation machine to issue debit cards.

Bunna, established in 2009 with 160 million Br in paid-up capital, has announced continuous developments recently, from building a headquarters to upgrading its core banking solutions and launching new digital systems.

The bank is in the process of hiring a company that will construct its 30-storey headquarters. The building will sit on a 1,043sqm plot of land the bank leased from the city administration for 66 million Br. The construction is expected to be finalised within 900 days of the contract award.

With an investment of 100 million Br, the bank is also working to introduce mobile internet and agent banking. The bank has upgraded its servers and card-banking switches, and hired three international companies to accomplish the tasks.

The bank is waiting for a green light from the central bank to make Mulugeta Alemayehu, former vice president of CBE, its fourth president, replacing Tadesse Chinkel. The bank will retain Tadesse as its advisor. Before Tadesse, Eshetu Fantaye and Negede Abebe had served the bank as presidents.


Published on Sep 08,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 958]



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