Tigray Region Gets Statistical Agency, Policy Research Institute

Both proclmations for the establishment of the regional bodies were ratified by a full vote

Tigray Regional State is soon to get its own statistical agency and an institute for policy research. The Council of the regional government has approved two proclamations which established the two bodies by mid of last week.

During its fifth-year and fourth urgent meeting, attended by 128 members of the 151 body, the Council unanimously voted for the ratification of two legal frameworks. Drafted a month ago, the proclamation will establish the Tigray Regional Government Statistical Agency and the Policy Study & Research Institute.

The statistical agency will be responsible for organising seasonal statistics about the region in preparation and follow-up of the socio-economic plans, according to the declaration’s document. The document has 27 articles that contain the proclamations for the roles, responsibilities, rights, duties of the Agency, as well as the public and the officials serving under it.

“The agency will have a significant role in providing factual statistical data about the social, political, demographic and economic status of the region which is vital to policymakers,” says Mulugeta Tarekegn, public relations head of the Council. “The agency will support the existing departments of Central Statistical Agency in providing accurate data about the region,” Mulugeta added.

The proclamation for the establishment of a policy research and study institute has 20 articles. It focuses on the objective of the Institute, establishment and organisation, powers and responsibilities of officials, staff as well as the source of financing.

The Institute will be tasked with identifying gaps in the implementation of policies and strategies and will recommend means to address any shortcomings to policymakers, according to the proclamation. It will also be responsible for generating new policy proposals. In addition, the institute will focus on the agriculture and industry sectors, rural developments, capacity building and good governance.

“This institute will have an important role and contribution in organising and working with academics to improve contemporary challenges,” Mulugeta told Fortune. “There was a great debate in the Council over naming it a centre or an institute, but was finally decided on the latter based on the experiences of developed countries.”

The process of establishing these bodies is on the way, according to Mulugeta.

An expert from Addis Abeba University (AAU) sees the establishment of these institutions from the angle of assisting the development of the region. However, he believes that the moves and activities of these bodies need to be well regulated.

“The region should be able to assure the effectiveness of these institutions as they require a huge budget and human resources,” said Tegen G.Egziaber, a regional and urban planner and lecturer at AAU, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies.

Tegen also stresses that there should be a finely-tuned coordination with the respective institutions at the federal level for effective information and experience sharing, as well as knowledge and technology transfers.

The Tigray Regional State is one of nine states of the nation, located in the Northern part of the country. Last fiscal year, investment projects costing almost 66 million Br became operational in the region. The state also saw the establishment of over 39,000 micro and small-scale enterprises that employed over four times as many people.


Published on May 26,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 943]



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