Transport Bureau to Erect Modern Parking Across from Palace

Smart parking and multi-purpose parking lots on the way with an outlay of 80 million Br

The Addis Abeba Transport Bureau (AATB) is to build the first of six smart parking facilities with an outlay of 80 million Br, in Kirkos District near the Palace Commercial Centre, at the junction of Menelik II Avenue and Zewditu St, across from the Menelik II Palace, the Prime Minister’s residence and office.

This will be part of 48 parking facilities which the Bureau is planning to erect as part of the Addis Abeba and Oromia Integrated Master Plan, Addis Abeba & Surrounding Oromia Integrated Development Plan (AASOID). Eight of these, called “park-and-ride”, will be dedicated to parking services alone, each resting on two hectares with a capacity of holding 2,604 vehicles at a time. Six of the remaining 40 will be smart parking. The smart parking facilities will be different in that the vehicles will be lifted by elevators, which will place them in parking spots. These will be entirely assembled from imported parts and are expected to be completed in the 2015/16 fiscal year.

The remaining parking lots will be eight storeys high with the top four used for parking, and those below for offices and commercial purposes.

The construction, which will take place on 2,200sqm of land which the bureau received in March 2015, is based on a design that is being developed at Addis Abeba University. The design is expected to be completed in April. According to a source at the Bureau who declined to be named, it will include an analysis of the parking area within the month of April, an evaluation of the carrying capacity and the interior design together with the required facilities in the parking lot. The parking lots will have adequate human resources, fire prevention equipment and traffic accident prevention facilities.

“The construction has to be commenced in the current fiscal year,” said the same source.

Currently, parking in the city shows that the roads have become parking places and the plan is to change this situation, said another source from the Bureau who also demanded anonymity.

As data from the Federal Transport Authority (FTA) website indicate, the number of vehicles registered in the city for the year 2013/14 has reached 143,366 with dry cargo being 36,865, passenger vehicles 103,952 and tanker vehicles 2,549.

After the completion of the study and the structure of the building, the AATB will float bids for the provisions of the materials.


Published on April 6, 2015 [ Vol 15 ,No 779]



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