Websprix Pioneers Television Service Via Internet

The company is also one of the eight companies which downstreams fixed-line internet service

Websprix Plc, a local information technology solutions company, launched the first Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), a system that delivers television content using the internet.

The company, which is also a pioneer in selling fixed-line internet service, launched the service which enables consumers to watch satellite television channels through fiberoptics cable on June 21, 2018.  The system allows users to avoid satellite dish and analogue terrestrial systems (broadcasts). Websprix IPTV will also offer customers premium Pay-TV and Cinema contents. The service will be first deployed for business and personal customers around Century Mall, and residential developments sites at Flintstone’s Goro, Sunshine’s Meri Luke and the Gerji.

“The benefit of the service is its unwavering quality in bad weather,” said Yaekob Yilma, director of internet services at Websprix.

Websprix is also one of eight companies that are licensed by the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology to downstream fixed-line internet service, which has been a monopoly held by Ethio telecom. The directive enabling private companies to downstream internet service was first issued in 2005 and subsequently amended seven years ago.

In the first phase of the project the company targets to reach 5,000 clients and to provide internet speeds ranging from one megabyte a second (Mbps) to 100 Mbps, according to Dawit Birhanu, president of the company.  The company was established in 2011 offering IT solutions, mobile value-additions, enterprise solutions, cloud, infrastructure, and data centre design and building services.

The company has built the required infrastructure including installations of a 100Km fibreoptics cable line, hardware and a customer service management center. The total investment for the infrastructure, facilities and components amounts to 10 million Br.

The price the company offers its customers is lower by half as compared to Ethio telecom fees. It sells its residential monthly package of one Mbps for 990 Br while Ethio telecom charges 1,955 Br for the same package. For business, Websprix offers 1,715 Br for one Mbps while EthioTelecom charges 1,955 Br. To subscribe, the company requires a deposit guarantee fee of 1,000 Br which is refundable upon contract termination.

“We planned to reach all of the customers targeted by our first phase plan within four months.  We have already launched our pilot project in selected residential areas and business centres,” said Yaekob

Websprix has already started providing private internet services at Tsehay real estate and Muluge Building. It has also partnered with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) to develop a system that will enable CBE’s customers to settle payments through an electronic payment system.

The service will be launched in large residential and prime business areas, according to the agreement the company entered with the Ethio telecom, the state telecom provider.

“Our service model agreement with Ethio telecom does not allow us to respond to individual service requests at this time and to go beyond our designated areas,” said Dawit Birhanu, Websprix president.

Yihenew Wondie (PhD), a lecturer at Addis Abeba University (AAU) and who had been working at Ethio Telecom for over eight years, believes liberalising the internet last mile service adds value to the current market.

“When private companies give the last mile service it creates competition among the service providers,” he said, “this competition enables the customer to chose from different packages and services,”

Yihenew also suggests that to get a high-speed connection at the last mile, the core network and distribution facility should work efficiently.



Published on Jun 24,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 948]



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