DEVELOPING STORY: Ahmed Shidie New Communications Affairs Minister

Ahmed Shidie, minister of Transport, is to be appointed as the Government Communications Affairs Minister, unlike our report yesterday that it would be Meles Alem. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) is expected to reshuffle his cabinet today April 19, 2018, nominating prospective ministers to Parliamentary confirmation.

This breaking news has been updated on April 19, 2018, from the previous report below.

“Meles Alem, a spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, is hopeful to replace Negeri Lencho (PhD) as the new minister for Government Communications Affairs Office, sources close to the Prime Minister’s Office disclosed to Fortune.

The appointment is part of a reshuffling Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) will table for Parliament tomorrow, April 19, 2018. It will include Shiferaw Shigute, now head of the EPRDF Secretariate, as a minister of Agriculture, which will be restructured to incorporate Livestock. The new minister for Defense, replacing Siraj Fegessa, is expected to come from the OPDO, although his or her identity remained undisclosed. Worqneh Gebeyehu (PhD), minister of Foreign Affairs, will continue in office, aides to the Prime Minister revealed to Fortune.

Kerya Ibrahim, who has been elected to the TPLF politburo a few months ago, will likely replace the Speaker of the House of Federation, Yalew Abate of ANDM.”

Published on May 24,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 943]



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