Cloudy, Wrong November

What just happened? Donald J. Trump did. It isnt fiction, it isnt a joke; Trump just became the 45thpresident of the United States of America.

Of course, as he wasa candidate, there was always a good chance he could get elected, but no one, not even for one measly second, thought it would actually happen. It was one of those things that could conceivably transpire, like Judgment Day orWorld War III, but we dont believe it really would.

Tuesday, November 8, was the day America was going to vote. All known news channels broadcast the election day with a general sense of know it all. The polls were looking good for Hillary Clinton and I slept that night completely sure of a Clinton presidency. Global Markets – that favour Clinton because they hate uncertainty and dont know what a Trump presidency would bring – were also climbing. All was good and the Earth revolved around the sun.

Wednesday morning, I woke up to an uncharacteristically cloudy day, and I swear to God, I knew, somewhere deep in my soul, that something was wrong. Something very bad and irrevocable hadhappened somewherein theworld whileI was dutifully sleeping, dreaming silly thoughts of open borders, free trade andprogressivism.

For those that have been living inside a cave, and dont understand my reaction to this Trump victory, heres an explanation. Why would his presidency concern, or even shock, me so much?

Well, for instance, Trump himself once questioned thatif wewere not going to use nuclear bombs, why were they created? And that is indeed a big concern for anyone, anywhere on Earth.

But what are the other less dramatic reasons?

His sexism is one; the fact that he more or less hates women. Add to this his perceivable racism, and the very scary fact that he has been endorsed by White Supremacist groups. Trump has questioned the birth place ofObama(to the point where he shamed him into revealing it) and promised to build a wall, 27 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. And, taking into consideration the amount of pain that went into making men, women, blacks and whites more equal, the fact that the second most powerful being in the universe, only next to the Almighty God, doesnt take them seriously, is demoralising.

After it was irrevocably indicated that Trump was going to become president, Western media started purposefully and carefully explaining how Trump got the votes and Hillary lost them. I sat staring at the TV. The hypocrites; those bold faced liars; they had no idea this was going to happen. The media knew nothing whatsoever about the needs and wants of the American people. They shouldnt even call themselves a media at this point; they dont remotely come close to understanding the people they broadcast to. All they do, all day long, is arrogantly and shamelessly cover politicians, rich people and celebrities, while completely ignoring the working middleclass Americans.

Trump knew that he was campaigning in democratic stronghold states, while the media was pretentiously about whether he knew which states are blue and which red (since he has no public office experience). But he went on to win states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, whom no one knew were leaning towards a Republican vote.

What happens now? Are we for the first time going to live in a world where the US has better relations with Russia than Europe? What will be the fate of Crimea or Syrian rebel forces fighting Russian-backed Assad? Will there be trade tariffs between two of the worlds biggest economies, China and the US? And what about the Iran deal or the Paris climate agreement? Trump has just become one of the most powerful US presidents in living memory as he now has a Republican controlled Congress to indulge all his creative political whims.

More importantly, what happens to liberalism? Brexit and now Trump are showing the world what people really prefer. Humanity, for some reason, seems to be rejecting globalisation. More nations, I am sure, will follow – the Netherlands, France and Germany are all on the edge. It has been proved again and again that the economy matters more than social issues. And I should say that Hitler and Mussolini – who did after all, make for a time, Germany and Italy very rich nations – would agree.

It is a worldwide phenomenon of anti-elitism – a New World Order, some are calling it. I violently disagree. This isnt about knocking down establishments, or making America or Britain great, but a rejection of all that globalisation poses to Western countries. Anyone who cares about the economy cant possibly look at Trumps policies and think, that is exactly what I want. The real issue is that people dont want immigrants. That is the key factor that all those exit polls favouring Clinton failed to predict – how much people are unnerved by the prospect of racial integration at a global level.

What happens to Clinton now? To think she will ever hold office, with a Republican Congress in play, in this lifetime, is ridiculous. Furthermore, what about Obamas legacy? All those policies that were bypassed by executive order, which could be repealed at the stroke of the pen, will go up in a cloud of smoke. He may literally only be remembered as the first African-American president of the country.

Instead of what is happening, we need to ask what it all means. Trump – bullish, abusive and hateful – defeats Clinton – calm, practical and optimistic. He didnt beat her at a wrestling match, but in a democratic vote. The lesson here, to the youth especially, is that the only road to success is to say and do the things that Trump did. It has been proved, once and for all, that success favours those with complete disregard for decency and the law; for opportunistic people that will never play by the rules, like Trump, instead of Clinton, who works hard and persevered. November 8 was a sad, sad day for the world.

By Christian Tesfaye
is a Film Critic whose interests run amok in both directions of print and celluloid/digital storytelling. He could be reached at

Published on Nov 15,2016 [ Vol 17 ,No 863]



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