Haile Takes Helm of Athletics Federation

You have been elected I am told more challenges lie ahead in you we have hope Nothing to spare or save we know you can do it yes you can without any doubt

Well aware of what a global wave of headline news I have on my part chose to strike while the iron is still hot, as they say. I am writing this piece aware of the fact that by the time we go to press HaileGebrselassie and his colleagues by now must have seen off members of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation with gratitude and any thanks for what they have done so far. I also reckon that quite a number of the permanent office workers may still be in their places waiting to show their devotions and readiness to cooperate with new committee.

For athletes, the likes of Haile Gebrselassie and his counterparts who have made record breaking almost a culture writing about the importance of time and its military precisions is just a waste of precious time. What I am driving at is to recall what Haile had told a big audience of executives. He said, for you gentlemen, the importance of precision may be just expediency. But for us athletes, a microsecond measured by photo camera could translate into gold or millions of USD.”

The world class athlete is now burdened with one of the most time consuming and demanding responsibilities in the field. Tokyo 2020 Olympics is not far away as we may think it is. The four year countdown will soon start. The clock will be ticking. The new athletics committee may have by now worked out its plan of actions setting out priorities and time frames what to do, where and when, while not forgetting the financial allocation.

We hope they do not overburdened themselves unnecessarily. Apportioning of time for various activities, visits, studies, assigning professional and follow up performances, make assessments, evaluate achievements and failures in due time etc. are some of the duties and responsibilities that the committee is expected to carry out. Haile or any individual for that matter, cannot be expected to do more than is humanly possible to perform.

Hailes proven performances and the successes he has made in the field of business has carried him a long way to where he is now. He has been one of Ethiopia’s model investors not only as a celebrity athlete but also among the few millionaires in the country. Success does not come by dreams and wishes only. Surely not by running the race alone. It requires a lot of hard work and diligence including knowing the preciousness of time.

Ethiopias global image has been nurtured and cultivated since the great marathon champion Abebe Bikila won the 42 kms 195m in 2 hrs 15 min. record time while running bare foot. This image building has been kept and grown stronger from generation to generation. That image mark has followed me here in Brussels. Every time people ask me and I mention the name Ethiopia they report back and ask me the land of long distance runners?” They feel happy and proud to have met me. I am also convinced that the 1977 damaging scar of the deadly famine is gradually waning down as generation comes and goes over the years.

By the way our northern neighbourEritrean has a new champion in a young athlete named Girmay Gabre Selassie. That is also good to share honour and respect with not only Kenya but also Eritrea. We have live to see what the future has for Haile et al.

We wish them the best of luck.



Published on Nov 15,2016 [ Vol 17 ,No 863]



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