It is an understatement to describe the expectation…

It is an understatement to describe the expectation as tremendous but held by many across the capital on the ongoing Executive Committee meeting of the EPRDF. The longing is that it would conclude with decisions no less perceptible in their consequence, gossip observed. Indeed, many within and outside the ruling party agree with the scale of the problems that put the nation in turmoil; the cost to lives and the fact that the Revolutionary Democrats are no longer in control of it, gossip sees.

It should be little of a surprise if members of the public expect something of extraordinary nature is coming out from up in Arat Kilo where the 36 active members and their veterans have assembled for over a week now. It could perhaps be the length of the meeting, far longer than the weekend retreat the party is accustomed to, that led many to believe that something exceptional is cooking. Even more, the statement by Shiferaw Shigute, in charge of the EPRDF secretariat, might have alarmed people for it reckoned them on the gravity of the situation the country finds itself in.

No doubt these are dire moments for the Revolutionary Democrats in their firm rule of a quarter of a century, claims gossip. The weight of crises they are busy dealing with, as fragmented as their core leadership is in, is far more cumbersome than preceding moments of wrecking such as the 2005 electoral debacle and the split of TPLF’s Central Committee in the early 1990s, claims gossip.

By design or otherwise, Shiferaw’s pledge that the outcomes from the ongoing Executive Committee meeting would not be one that is business as usual has fired up exceptional expectations, gossip observed. Although many are not clear on what exactly they would look forward to, they give a rough sense of drastic change as in total overhaul of the EPRDF leadership, gossip observed. It may involve a change of EPRDF’s chair and deputy chairperson, to be followed by the demotion, purging as well as eventual prosecutions of those alleged to be the “bad-apple” in their midst, gossip noted.

Judging by what has been progressing inside a small conference hall at the Prime Minister’s Office on Lorenzo Te’azaz Road, those who expect phenomenal outcomes are in for a disappointment, claims gossip.

The meeting will continue perhaps for the whole of next week, gossip disclosed. Equally obvious is that it is taking place in a climate of emotional tautness between and among the leaders of the four coalition parties.

It may sound ironic that only 36 individuals are determining the fate of a nation as large and diverse as Ethiopia, claims gossip. However, these are the individuals trying to crack the nuts, finding answers to what lies behind the turmoil the country is now and where the most significant slice of the blame should be apportioned to, gossip claims. The majority in the Executive Committee conceded that it is them – the Committee members – who should take responsibility for they have lost allegiance to the people and instead spend much of their time on mutual bickering, gossip disclosed.

Although the four constituent parties and the EPRDF leadership tabled their respective reports outlining the progress they have made in implementing the “deep renewal” of the party’s agenda, what seems on a trail is, however, the legacy and role the TPLF in running the affairs of the ruling party and the nation, gossip disclosed.

The second generation leaders in the ANDM and OPDO have individuals who believe and pronounce on what they argue is TPLF’s hegemony as a reason behind growing militant constituencies in their regions, claims gossip. Yet, few of the veterans and their successors have begun asking for absolution over their earlier claims of TPLF’s hegemony, gossip revealed.

In spite of this though, those at the gossip corridors see the tickets of both the chair and his deputy are not on the table. Neither will there be a significant overhaul in the EPRDF leadership before the constituent parties do their own, claims gossip. What is being desired from the ongoing meeting is to establish consensus on the need for the insurgent groups to accept the status quo, renew their allegiance to the system in place, ensure unity of purpose and action and move on considering bygones are bygones, claims gossip.

If the TPLFites succeed in ascertaining the process in which they have carried in their recent Central Committee meeting as a standard to be upheld by the other parties, thus the latter agree to do likewise; such could make a conclusion to measure up the success of the ongoing meeting by the EPRDF leadership, according to gossip.

Gossip sees a reality check is in order.

Published on Dec 24,2017 [ Vol 18 ,No 922]



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