Themes of the Mammoth Election

According to the Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, which almost no one understands, there is always more than one realistic outcome to every given conundrum. The theory explains (please pay attention) that everything that could have happened, but hasn’t, has actually happened, just not in the same universe. In other words, for every universe where Hilary Clinton becomes the next president, there is one where she loses, and Donald Trump turns out to be the leader of the free world. So, although most known religions disagree with quantum theory, let’s pray for the citizens of the latter universe.

The great value of both candidates is that they are emblematic of the far and apart notions of ruling and leading. This isn’t so much a race between a republican and a democrat, but a battle in which a proudly illogical man is pitted against a practical, dogged, politician. Metaphorically, it is anarchism versus democracy.

It has been said, time and again, that since Clinton is flawed, was she to run against any other Republican candidate, such as Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, she would not have been a front-runner. But as things are right now, it is her or him (Trump). If people have a hard time taking in some of the things she has done in the past without a grain of salt, it is important to take note that all the harm she could possibly -but more importantly consciously – do, in either the four or eight years of her (potential) presidency.

Trump is a very different story. What he really represents are the traditional values of protectionism of heritage and promises all white men over 45, the glory of the cowboy-like vision of John Wayne to America. The Republican-candidate never explains how he intends to achieve his vision in a globalized world and it is doubtful if it is ever possible to isolate a country from the rest of the world without making it poorer. That is true even for a rich and fortunate country like his.

There is also the issue of immigration, which is played out in the election without ever really mentioning the “elephant in the room”. Trump promises that he will never let any Syrian refugees into the country, while Clinton, in a saint like manner, will let in more than what the country is letting in at the moment. The rationale of his is a lot more straightforward than hers.

Let us say that Clinton lets in at least a thousand Syrian children. There will be a stricter vetting process and it will be impossible to guarantee a 100pc precision rate. Out of those let in, there may be a suicide bomber who, say, blows up 5 Americans. But – and I apologies if some may find this grotesque -wouldn’t it still be worth it? Seeing how Syria is now, Clinton will have given those children a far better future, if she isn’t outright saving them.

To Trump, this is a fundamentally harmful way of thinking as it diminishes enthusiastic feelings of nationalism. Sure, it would be nice if those children lived, but not at the expense of an American life. This is a practically important attitude for a candidate to have, as the voters are exclusively American. But Trump, like with the rest of his radical dogma, takes it to the next level. He argues, not in so many words, that patriotism trumps (pun intended) even democracy and science.

One of the most colorful moments of the self-described billionaire’s is, when he suggested that he would never accept the election results unless he won. He has, on many occasions, made it clear, that he believes the election will be rigged, not just by the Democrats, but also by the media, whom Trump considers unfair.

It is, of course very possible that the election may be rigged but it is also improbable. It is likely that he believes this himself, and his only goal may be to cast a shadow over the country’s age-old democracy. Trump is a very unprecedented phenomenon and this is part of his sly scheme to win the presidency.

What is perhaps more unnerving is his total disdain for fact and logic. Tell Trump that he hates woman, and he would respond, “Only Rosie O’Donnell”. Show him a tape of himself implying sexual assault, base this video with the numerous amounts of credible women that have accused him of sexual harassment, and Trump would retort that he is a different person now, and that the Clinton’s had done worse.

Let’s also keep in mind that this is a man who doesn’t believe in global warming. Why? I have no idea. There has been a long standing position held by American Conservatives (which are of Trump’s persuasion) that global warming, however the amount of scientific evidence heaped to support it, doesn’t exist. There is even a theory that the Earth’s rising temperature is a hoax concocted by the Chinese to deceive the Americans into reducing the producing power of their factories.

When all of this is taken into consideration, it becomes increasingly unlikely, if anyone really takes this self-proclaimed sole redeemer of America seriously. But then again, it would be fatal to underestimate the current wave of anti-elitism.

The rise of Trump is not an isolated incident – so called populists are popping all over the world, in America, Europe and in some-parts-of Africa, upstaging the establishment and promising quick fixes to the fabric of one’s economy and class structure.

Western media is so transparent in that they have very openly chronicled Americans’ dissatisfaction with both Clinton and Trump. That is probably why we hear the same recurring accusation – which the choice is between bad and worse. In truth, most of the negative coverage Clinton earns, fairly or unfairly, is actually a consequence of the media agencies’ desire to fulfill one of the oldest credos of reportage – fairness.

On November 8, election night, all will come clear and if Trump does win, it would have only been because the current generation takes all its political rights and privileges for granted.

By Christian Tesfaye
Christian Tesfaye is a Film Critic whose interests run amok in both directions of print and celluloid/digital storytelling. He could be reached at

Published on Nov 08,2016 [ Vol 17 ,No 862]



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