There is so much and so little happening in the world of the Revolutionary Democrats…

There is so much and so little happening in the world of the Revolutionary Democrats all at the same time; and it’s a paradox, claims gossip.

There is little because whatever they are up to in addressing the unprecedented popular protests does not match the frustration and sense of urgency the public displays in opposing the status quo, according to gossip. There is so much because their bigwigs are in endless meetings to unravel the kind of “in-depth reforms” they believe are necessary to give redemption to the EPRDF, says gossip.

Thus, they have identified three areas that they see as being prone to depravity, causing public backlash, gossip disclosed. They have now set up working committees, tasked with the job of producing proposals for decisions, claims gossip.

Foremost in their mind is the reform and reshuffling of the cabinet and other federal agencies of the administration of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, according to gossip. There is a widely held consensus in the House of the Revolutionary Democrats on the lacking competence and capabilities of the many Ministers, State Ministers and Director Generals in charge of the many federal agencies, gossip observed.

Hailemariam for one wants to strike a healthy balance between political loyalty and meritocracy in appointments to public offices, although his ability to effect sweeping changes in the composition of his administration is structurally constrained, says gossip. Not surprisingly, his first move will be to search for competent technocrats within the rank and file of the ruling party who have been otherwise side-lined by the dissimulators in the party, gossip disclosed.

His next best bet is to find qualified and competent individuals outside of the party, but not hostile to its policies to fill these positions; it is here where he is expected to meet resistance from within, gossip anticipates. However, such a move is not without precedence; there were non-party member technocrats in successive administrations of the late Meles Zenawi, such as Mohammed Duri, Andrias Eshetie, Filipos W. Mariam, Kassahun Ayele, Bruk Debebe, Hailemelekot Teklegiorgis, Tekeda Alemu, Haile Assegedie, Fikru Desalegn and many others, recalls gossip.

Another source of grievance by members of the public the EPRDFites see is in the failings of the judiciary, gossip claims. They want to introduce a major change in overhauling the judiciary. They have set up the second working committee tasked in proposing plans to revamp and reshuffle it, claims gossip.

More often than not, the senior ranks of the EPRDFites believe that they are always on the receiving end of the propaganda battle, more so in the sphere of the digital world and on the social media front, according to gossip. They are the first to admit that they are lousy communicators, as opposed to their opponents who are savvy and talented in deploying new media tools against them, claims gossip.

Such is a grand realisation behind their decision to form a third working committee responsible for communications and media, gossip disclosed. It is tasked in developing a game plan for effective outreach and real time response, as well as identifying those competent professionals within and outside the party, claims gossip.

In a nutshell though, Hailemariam’s administration is trying to rebrand itself, in the midst of a national political crises, from an autocratic to a technocratic government with the ability to respond more to public demand on good governance and less on addressing calls for political openness, claims gossip.

Published on Sep 20,2016 [ Vol 17 ,No 855]



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