What has transpired at the ANDM, the ruling coalition governing the Amhara Regional State…

No doubt this year will pass as a time of endless marathon meetings by the ruling party’s rank and file, while the public discontent will have no reason to subside, gossip foresees. Taking the recent high-level “criticism and self-criticism” sessions of the TPLF as a standard bearer, each party in the ruling coalition is going through the same ordeal, in an attempt to steam the “bad guys” out, claims gossip.

The parties have their respective politburo, and executive committee members meet before their senior and mid-level cadres congregate. A campaign will follow large town hall meetings with members of the public, in the leaders’ bid to get the latter’s blessing. In all these, the party is trying to redeem itself before its day of reckoning, come national elections in two years, according to gossip.

Political redemption meant cleansing the ruling party and its leadership from what some insiders coined as “the five communicable deadly political diseases,” claims gossip.

The allegation is corruption, nepotism and terrible governance by the Revolutionary Democrats have come to be widely accepted sins of the ruling party. What has been controversial is the depth of this malign and at what strata of the governing party the problems manifest themselves most, claims gossip.

Thus, as part of their “deep renewal” political ritual, each member parties have carried out extensive witch-hunt in trying to determine the nature and extent of corruption and maladministration in their governance, gossip disclosed. The results began to surface, and the depth of the moral crisis deep inside the ruling party is too staggering even for some of its leaders to digest, claims gossip.

Take, for instance, what has transpired at the ANDM, the ruling coalition governing the Amhara Regional State.

There were five main areas of problems aggregated by the committees formed to probe on allegations of corruptions and investigate leads on individual leaders from wereda levels all the way to central committee members, gossip revealed. However, the breakdown of the political sins reached more than 70 at zonal and close to 350 at lowers levels, involving thousands of politicians, gossip disclosed.

Of the party’s 63 executive committee members currently, no less than eight of them were found to be culprits of corruption and nepotism; the lower the rank, the higher the number of such politicians, gossip says.

Of the laundry list of political sins revealed, a particular one is the collections of undeclared taxes from farmers but were never accounted for, gossip revealed. Or the revelation of some party leaders involving in “usury” while others were in the weird practice of forcing teachers to give undeservedly higher ranks to students merely to win contests at zonal education bureaus.

Add to this the most damning revelations of those who awarded government contracts without complying to procurement rules; paying contractors higher than what they have delivered; accepting public works even when they failed to meet standards and completed later than original schedules; procurements of substandard materials and complicity with businesses in distorting trade for unlawful gains.

The possessions of land and assets in urban and rural communities in bending the laws are found to be simply shocking for how widespread it is, claims gossip. Holding multiple plots in several cities and towns; leasing plots through close family members and at discounted rates; distorting compensations to dispossessed properties and misusing plots reserved for greenery and public use to benefit private developers is not uncommon, claims gossip.

The culture of submissions of educational credentials in falsehood to get promotions and offices, and when such malpractices are discovered reassigning the offenders to other places instead are no less jarring vices for any leader who wants to go against the tide in fixing the party, gossip claims. Issuing false testimonials to friends; hiring spouses and siblings in the same organisations where they are in charge; as well as the extensive practice of abusing per diems show how much the Revolutionary Democrats have lost their moral compass, claims gossip.

Published on Feb 04,2018 [ Vol 18 ,No 927]



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