Refugees as Weapons of Mass Destruction

Ricardo Hausmann, a former minister of planning of Venezuela and former Chief Economist of the Inter-American Development Bank, is Director of the Center for International Development at Harvard University and a professor of economics at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Climate Insurance Hot Prospect for Ethiopia

The concept of climate insurance is not new in developed countries, but in Ethiopia it is a new idea that is trying to be implemented. With the recent climate changes that are being seen, insurance companies are introducing the concept to the public. But it comes with challenges, as Yohannes Eneyew writes.

A Case for Launching Securities Exchange Market

The recent episode where a prospective investor offered 14,000 Br for a share of 1,000 Br at Awash International Bank (AIB) reveals the reality on the ground moving faster than regulators ability to manager a growing share market. While it is appropriate to protect prospective buyers from the consequences of their misinformed and misguided decisions, establishing securities exchange is about time with all its benefits to the economy, argues Abdulmennan Mohammed Hamza, a financial analyst based in London.

Principled Civil Servants Key to Building Developmental State

With the rush to develop Ethiopia and make the country one among middle-income countries of the world, there is a need to focus on the civil service, Yohannes Gebeyehu writes. Without improving the bureaucracy system and having reliable service, he argues, it will be very difficult for the country to achieve the goal.

How to Do Industrial Parks Right

The development of industrial parks in Ethiopia has become a talking point amongst the public. Last week a commentary was written about the topic and the possible challenges the industry can face, this week another side of the argument is presented by Brook Abdu.

Sow knowledge, Reap Cash

Although the number of banks is on the rise in Ethiopia and the banking industry is expanding, there is limited knowledge among the public about the financial and banking systems. A huge gap and potential remains in the populous country that can only be attained by acquired knowledge writes Ben Girma an independent consultant, he can be reached at

Crucial Leather Sector Needs Rescuing

One of Ethiopia’s main exports is leather. For many years, the country has been exporting it, and there are plans by the government to expand its capacity. However, the local tanneries and the process involved before exportation is a long road writes Wengel Tessema an Intervention Manager at Enterprise Partners, Ethiopia. Wengel can be reached at

Diffusing the Ticking Time Bomb of African Youth

  Young people in Africa are not involved in policy making and rarely consulted in decision making. Many are jobless, angry and vulnerable to agitators who want to set fires…

Growth Strategy, Way To the Top for Africa

The most promising concept in the profession of accounting is the ‘Going Concern’ concept, explained in terms of time. There is no company for a day or a month; companies…

Banks’ Era of Diminishing Returns

The returns from the financial sector in Ethiopia are amongst the highest in the world, according to the National Bank of Ethiopia. However, the actual money that shareholders take home at the end of the fiscal year aren’t showing the same kinds of trends as people are speaking about. While some banks so give their shareholders exceptionally high, they are just that: an exception. The influence that these cases should have on national financial legislation should be minimal, without ignoring the more typical cases, argues financial analyst Abdulmenan Mohammed Hamza.

Accountancy and Climate Change

Environmental accounting requires additional disclosure to cover environmental incidents. It creates better awareness of a firm’s overall financial position and performance and also informs stakeholders about the potential consequences associated with an environmental devastation Getaneh Shambel Certified Accountant.

In Defense of Globalization

Economic inequality among countries has declined sharply in the past 20 years, owing partly to China’s rise, as well as to economic development across Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere. In fact, by 2010, the United Nations had already achieved its Millennium Development Goal of halving poverty by 2015, and recent projections suggest that, by 2050, poverty will be eradicated everywhere except Africa.

EU Should Act on Immigration, Not Preach

The issue of migration is an important world affair that deserves needed attention. There are still questions to what extent such a more ‘coercive’ attitude complies with the notion of a ‘true partnership’ with Africa, which seemed the basis for the agreement in Valletta, writes Annabelle Laferrère and Anna Knoll, European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM).

Building On Ethiopia’s Health Care Success

Over the past decade or so, Ethiopia has been in the limelight of global health for its impressive achievement in the health sector. The country’s flagship health extension program has…

Devaluation Not Silver Bullet Solution

For many economies around the world, the year 2016 was a year of disappointment and melancholy. Once used to be a symbol of buoyancy and dynamism, many economies had spent…

Bank’s Unfair Deal to Diaspora

Given such legal provisions, which are the only ones of their kind, and given that there are no laws that authorize NBE to order banks to purchase legally-acquired shares and allocate shareholders’ earnings to NBE’s treasury, and given that it has only Article 58, sub-article 7, to seek legal action, NBE has opted to break the law under the pretext of defending the law, Andinet Semere writes.


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