The usual action packed Bond opening scene in Spectre uses long tracking shots and exciting explosions. The Bond Girls, a recurring theme in Bond films, is the only thing Spectre does not completely muck up. There is little more that is positively reviewed in this 300 million dollar movie but perhaps Christian Tesfaye, Fortune’s in-house film critic found it difficult to give a Bond film only half marks and awards Spectre six out of 10 stars.



Black Mass seems distinguished by the absence of good guys. Johnny Depp’s performance as the mobster Whitey Bulger, is applauded, as is that of Joel Edgerton who plays Connolly, the other ‘mobster’ of the FBI. The film is based on a true story but real life seemed faster paced and more colourful than the movie. This is probably why Fortune’s in-house film critic, Christian Tesfaye, could award Black Mass no more than six out of 10 stars.


Hotel Transylvania 2

Dracula movies have their own appeal and Hotel Transylvania 2 is not likely to be the last one that will ever be made. However, it is unlikely that anyone will be hankering to see this movie more than once. In fact, Fortune’s in-house film critic compares this animeted movie to the worst of last week’s international news stories. As a sequel, Hotel Transylvania 2  follows threads from the original but those threads seem to offer little that excites. Dracula’s daughter who has married a human being and birthed a son is not named. The one ‘admirable’ feature seems to be Mel Brooks’ voice. Not even the 3D factor gets a rave review but is positively mentioned so three stars for 3D is the conclusion.

Sicario:Perfect Terror of the Drug War

A rare feat has been performed in the making of Sicario, a movie which seems to have all the elements needed to satiate movie-goers and, after reading this review, make them want to see every other movie directed by Denis Villeneuve. Sicario is lauded for its casting, its superb acting and its cinematography. The plot is about the war against drugs waged between the United States and Mexico and it involves the ‘bad guys’ in the FBI and the Defense Department, in pursuit of the ‘drug lords’ across the border. The film is apparently full of suspense, mysticism and terror. Fortune in-house film critic Christian Tesfaye seems to have had no absolutely no choice but to award Sicario a perfect 10 out of 10 stars.


Yet another sequel for your film review consumption. The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is considered ‘safe’. Not thrilling, or even exciting but safe, in that its director sticks to the book’s adaptation with little, it seems, by way of creative venture. Neither the presence of a wicked organisation and zombies, nor the action of endless running through a desert environment, can fill the plot holes, especially when not much can be said about the acting. Fortune’s in-house film critic Christian Tesfaye, remains unimpressed by The Scorch Trials ratings at the US box-office and awards it only half marks, five out of 10 stars.


Thankfully, Lamb distinguished itself by making it to Cannes and hence, to Fortune. It is a real treat to have an Ethiopian movie reviewed in this space – and so positively too. Director Yared Zeleke ought indeed to be proud of his debut film and the actors are also commended in this review. The story of Ephraim and his pet lamb is not presented through a grand overarching plot, instead, the story unfolds in a subtle and leisurely manner that lets the characters shine through.’ Lamb depicts the slow pace and beauty of rural family life, coping with hardship; and the pending slaughter of the pet lamb becomes a metaphor to young Ephraim’s life and growing up. Fortune’s in-house film critic, Christian Tesfaye, has removed the uncertainty from Cannes’ regard and unequivocally awarded Lamb nine out of 10 stars.


Finally, a film that despite its flaws satisfies and earns favourable review!  Southpaw is juxtaposed against Jake Gyllenhaal’s Raging Bull not so much for comparison as for contrast with regard to meeting its own criteria. However, the star of Southpaw, Billy Hope, like Raging Bull’s LaMotta, have similar traits, with a common need for anger management, though rage helps them win fights. The movie is also compared with Rocky; and has a redemptive twist when Hope resolves his issues in a bid to convince the authorities that he is a fit parent; and so that he can fight and win without the anger.  Yet it is anti-climactic and Fortune’s in-house film critic does not care for the overdone tearjerker scenes, so it is not out of emotion that Southpaw is awarded seven out of 10 stars.


No Hit in Hitman: Agent 47

It’s title promises action (of the killing kind), intrigue, a girl to be got by the star and no lesser star than Agent 007 is imagined, though he is one of a kind.  In fact, this review in part reverts to imagination to describe a plot that could eke some form of enjoyment from Hitman: Agent 47. Cast in the sci-fi genre, Hitman: Agent 47 cannot really be said to disappoint as even its trailer comes in for a scathing comment. Blame is cast on its producers for a movie that, despite its name is definitely not a hit. It is therefore relatively easy to discern why Fortune’s in-house film critic awarded Hitman: Agent 47, a mere three out of 10 stars.



What I have noticed during my short time writing reviews is that, the length of my articles depends on the artistic appeal of the movie I am reviewing. But that…

The Anticlimactic:Ant-Man

Every time I watch a new superhero movie, the more impressed I am at what Christopher Nolan achieved with his Dark Knight trilogy. The entire franchise is a meditation on…


The four out of 10 rating awarded to Minions, may have been based on what was anticipated but never actually delivered. Or, better yet, for the classical 1960’s rock music, which is about the only element that receives an outright positive comment from Fortune’s in-house film critic. The animated characters seem unlikable, the plot is lost along the way, the filmmakers are deemed unworthy of being named; and even in-the-same-genre comparisons are negative – but perhaps you should watch Minions yourself and see if there are any redeeming features that can rescue the movie from its minimal impact.

Oktoberfest Attracts Cosmopolitan Crowd

The festival, which is now in its 16th year, illustrates the increasingly cosmopolitan nature of Ethiopia’s capital. With its hefty price tag, of 545 Br, it is only the city’s elite who are able to afford entrance. Many tables are reserved by embassies and private companies, with foreign workers also seeing the occasion as a great chance to meet new people, reports Nick Ashdown, Special to Fortune.

Nigerian Superstars to Spice Up Ethiopian New Year Eve

The last decade has seen a multitude of US artists taking centre stage for the New Year’s celebrations. Artists, such as – Shaggy, Beyonce, Akon, Sean Paul, Rihanna and, most recently, R.Kelly have all performed in previous years. This is the first time the New Year’s headline act has been of African origin for a long time. P-Square, from Nigeria, are most famous for their collaboration with Akon and have been chosen as part of the African Union’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, reports ASMERET HAILESILASSE, SPECIAL TO FORTUNE.

Delight For Your Taste Buds at Cupcake Delights Bakery

Cupcake Delights Bakery is a classic local Ethiopian bakery serving its Customers a cupcake with the same taste every day. The place has one of the most great quality cakes for everyone who expect a squashy soft cake with overly sweet frosting, writes YEMESRACH LEGESSE, SPECIAL TO FORTUNE.

All Female Rock band on the Horizon

A few months after the new band called Jano, was formed by young men and female, all new to the industry, Janinites all-female rock band, the first and the only such band in the contemporary Ethiopian music industry came into the picture, writes YETNEBERK TADELE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.


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