The Gain from Petroleum that is Kept Away from the Commuters

As the price of petroleum is witnessing a significant decrease, its impact has been manifested on the cost of transportation. Residents of Addis Abeba were supposed to be beneficiaries of this decline on the tariff of transport costs. Unfortunately, due to the fact that there is a limitation on the enforcement of the adjustments, the new tariffs are not implemented evenly, DAWIT ENDESHAW, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, explores the latest price adjustments.  

Out with the Old, In with the New

Despite their recent appearance and relatively higher prices than other kinds of TVs, flat screens in the market are attracting many people’s attention. With the screens having different brands, qualities and kinds, people are paying higher value to acquire them reports DAWIT ENDESHAW, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Affluent Weddings Migrate from Addis

The dwellers of the city of Addis Abeba are leaving their city of residence to tie the knot in search of some other suitable places such as beaches this is becoming a common experience. In spite of the cost they incur for the décor and transportation, the trend seems to grow more and more through time reports LUCY KASSA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Great Abyssinia Lives Up to Its Name

Great Abyssinia, bearing the former name of the current Ethiopia is planting its name in the hearts of its customers that visit its coffee shop located around Bole Medhanealem. YONATHAN ABEBE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER who has visited the shop says it is worth visiting the site and experience the hospitality.

Controversial Decisions on Party Splits

The UDJ could be considered a strong party as it published two newspapers a week using its own printing press. It had also asked for a plot of land for…

Turkish President Seeks to Boost Bilateral Trade from $400m to $500m

During the time of the growing interest as well as number of the Turkish investors in Ethiopia, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan along with his ministerial and business delegation visited Ethiopia holding talks with Ethiopia’s PM Hailemariam Desalegn and Mulatu Teshome (PhD), the Ethiopian President. JEMAL ABDU, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, explores the value of the President’s visit to Ethiopia and the growing investment and trade partnership of the two countries.

Long Lines:The problem with hair salons

During weekends women have to kill their leisure time in hair salons due to the long lines and outdated line management of the salons, reports LUCY KASSA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Premium Value for Wild Coffee

With much of the forest coverage of the country being depleted, many in the world have focused on the support to the afforestation and protection of the forest areas. The Belete Gera area of the Jimma Zone in the western Oromia Region is one of the places that are gaining this focus in that the natural coffee forest in the area needs to be preserved. The JICA project in the area is a pioneer in supporting the farmers there to get premium value for the forest coffee they produce with the intention to protect the forest although some farmers remain discontent with the price they get reports JEMAL ABDU, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Amharic, Not Just For Ethiopians

In the near past, only International languages were taught in language learning centers. But there is a new addition to the list of languages as the official Ethiopian language, Amharic,has joined the ranks. SNETSEHAY ASSEFA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITTER, has looked into the reason behind the rise in demand as well as the teaching- learning process.

Holiday Gives Boost to Liquor Demand

During holiday eves, most people purchase different kinds of liquor to present as a gift to their relatives and household consumption, related to this the supply of different liquor markets is increasing, reports LUCY KASSA FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.


With the growing number of traditional restaurants and meal halls in the city, the handicrafts that make traditional furniture are flourishing in the city. Although they have seasonal market and one time walk-in customers which in turn is hindered by the inaccessible locations, they are positive about the future market they will have considering the increasing number of traditional restaurants in the city writes JEMAL ABDU, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

A Busy Street : Gifts Glorify Glittery Christmas Time Gasps

As the time for the Christmas celebration approaches and the feeling of holiday clouds the atmosphere of the city, many shops in the capital displayed what are best of their products to supply the gift market with many of the products requiring premium prices explores SNETSEHAY ASSEFA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER taking us along the shops and streets of the city.

Remittance Dilemma

As the two biggest holidays in the Christian community: Christmas and Epiphany are around the corner people are rushing into banks to collect remittances sent by their beloved once. However unlike the past occasions banks are not witnessing a larger crowd of customers at once, report DAWIT ENDESHAW, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.


With the changing lifestyle of the people and lack of time to wash clothes as the customary way of handwashing, the Addis Abebans are turning the gear towards the use of washing machines despite the high initial cost they incur and the ironic electricity cutt-off in the city. This trend is becoming a common scene in the city with the importers of the machines experiencing better market than other times, reports LUCY KASSA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Weaving Cotton Fashions into Money as Holiday Approaches

Traditional cotton clothes fetch more customers as holidays and weddings approach, though their international reach, assisted by web presence, still suffers from lack of online payment, reports DAWIT ENDESHAW, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER

Holidays Come with a Boost in the Oven Market

Bread and holidays are inseparable in the Ethiopian celebrations and holidays like the Ethiopian Christmas are said to be holidays of bread with many going to buy electric bread ovens. And flourishing with this trend, making simple stoves and ovens is making good life for those making them, reports JEMAL ABDU, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER

A Glittering Holiday Bazaar with a lot of Fanfare

With what has come a trend in the capital city as holiday seasons approach, this year’s Christmas bazaar at the Abeba Exhibition & Marketing Development Enterprise came with some unique features like prizes to the visitors and sparkling view with the 12m Christmas tree and light balloons and diversified products than ever reports SNETSEHAY ASSEFA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Addis Abeba Short on Holiday Discount this Season

This month is mainly characterised as a holiday season by having four holidays collectively; including the Ethiopia and European Christmas and European new year and Mawlid, a holiday celebrated by a Muslim community, this crowd of holidays are good opportunities for many businesses who offer a sale discount for their commodities to attract more buyers, but unlike the previous holidays this season shows very low sales discount offers for the customers at different part of the city, reports FASIKA TADESSE Fortune staff writer.

Pass the Test COC Training Centres

The emergence of the Centre of Competence (COC) test has proven difficult to pass, so new centres have cropped up to meet the demand for additional training to help pass these tests, Fortune staff writer JEMAL ABDU reports.

The Seasonal Chickpea Crop

Unavailable in shops, the seasonal crop of chickpeas offers vendors a better profit margin than fruits such as oranges. With the crop available between November and January each year, Fortune…

Unaffordable Expectations:The Issuance of Licenses of Competence

Attaining a certificate of competence in the auto repair industry requires many areas to be satisfactorily met. However, these are often beyond the means of businesses. DAWIT ENDESHAW, Fortune Staff Writer, talks to the regulatory body and auto repair business owners to understand the challenges faced by the latter.

Walia takes over:Heineken’s Domination of the Ethiopian Beer Market

With global beer producer Heineken entering the Ethiopian market and bringing out its new brand Walia beer, all other beer brands are falling behind. Fortune Staff Writers ESRAEL YOHANNES and BEREKET GETANEH talk to customers, bar owners and brand representatives to get the market insight behind this step change.

One for the road: The Life and Times of a French Fries Vendor

French fries are becoming a popular choice for Addis Abeba residents, its population will have noticed more and more popping up around the city. They are cheap and a good business to start up, but what are the challenges for vendors and how is food safety regulated? Fortune staff writer SNETSEHAY ASSEFA hits the streets of Addis Abeba to investigate.

Local App Developers Thrive

With a high appetite for smart phones in Ethiopia, developers of mobile phone applications seem poised to reap the rewards, but it is not as simple as all that Fortune Staff Writers SNETSEHAY ASSEFA and BEREKET GETANEH report.

Sixty Years on Japan Changes Aid Gear to Poor Nations

While celebrating its 6th year of offering development assistance to the world’s poorest nations, Japan is likely to shift its focus from aid to loans. Fortune Staff Writer, TAMRAT G. GIORGIS, travels to Japan to discover the changing face of Japanese aid in Ethiopia.


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