Eyebrow Tattooing Liberates Young Women

Eyebrow tattoos have replaced the morning routines of many women who apply pencil, powder or gel each day. Now they just walk into specialty beauty parlours to have hair strokes lightly drawn in semi-permanent ink on their brows which lends realistic looks that last from 12 months to a year.  Although health experts warn of risks, professional tattooists argue that it is a safe procedure, since they use disposable supplies, HIKMA AHMED,FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Traceability from Cherry to Cup, Blockchain Transforms Coffee

Moyee Coffee envisions transforming the way the coffee industry evaluates and traces coffee and assigns prices to coffee lots. He is also working to advance a more equitable payment system for small-scale farmers by capturing the value additions to the product in the producing countries. To accomplish these goals, the company has partnered with Bext360, an IT firm, to use blockchain technology to evaluate and trace coffee cherries. Moyee also built a coffee roasting plant in Ethiopia to roast, pack and export coffee beans to consumers.KALEAB GIRMA , FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Butcheries Showoff New Look

New butcheries offering high-quality Harari strain beef, modern ambience and first-rate services are emerging in Addis Abeba. Although raw meat is discouraged by health experts, these establishments cater to their clients’ preferences and offer both raw and stir-fry beef dishes. The new look, however, comes with high price tag for interior design and craftsmanship, MADEBO GIRMA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.

New Year Lottery Brings Hope to Some, Wealth to Others

The Lottery Adminstration’s Enkutatash, New Year, offering is popular among many customers who peg their hopes of winning the big prizes on favourite personal numbers or just chance. It is also a period when more lottery tickets are sold than any other time, and some vendors anticipate more income from increased ticket sales. The government is also a beneficiary, as net profits from the sale of lottery tickets go directly to the national treasury, which supports the annual budget, reports MAHDER HADDIS, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Prices Hike at New Year Expo Hit Vendors, Shoppers

New Year’s expo greets customers and vendors alike with steep prices. The organizer, Eyoha Addis Entertainment & Event Plc placed the highest ever bid price of 20.6 million Br to rent the exhibition space. Exhibitors from Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, India and China are well represented, as are major sponsors including a bank, several breweries and a national broadcaster. BERHANE HAILEMARIAM, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Mobile-Money Comes of Age with Banks

Banks, both private and public, are aggressively persuing mobile-money and trying to build their customer base as technology companies join the skirmish building the necessary platforms and offering services that are needed to keep the system running, BERHANE HAILEMARIAM, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Some Laud, Others Disparage Job Fair

A job fair held earlier this month at the Millennium Hall in Addis Abeba attracted thousands of freshly graduated job seekers, and hundreds of employers from industry, public institutions and non-governmental organizations. The job fair, organized by a private recruiting agency and supported by the Ministry of Education, drew criticism from some attendees but was generally praised by participants and recruiters alike, writes MADEBO GIRMA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Volunteers Lined to Help City Tackle Traffic Accidents

Addis Abeba, the seat of many international and regional organisations, has witnessed rapid economic growth, huge increases in its population and the corresponding hike in traffic. There were 4,009 road fatalities between 2007 and 2016, rising on average by 2pc annually, according to a 2016 report by the statistical agency of the government, BERHANE HAILEMARIAM, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Seedling Business Roots in Addis

Plant nursery and seedling production business is flourishing around the capital.  But the business faces many challanges including finding suitable retail spaces, water shortages and supply of fertilizers. Retail nursery supports other enterprises that supply plastic-pots, seeds and plant wholesalers. It is a season trade where the nurseries make most of their income in the rainy season, reports MADEBO GIRMA, FORTUNE STAFE WRITER.

Ethiopia, Eritrea On Positive-Sum Road

The last time he was here it was in 1996, two years before his troops advanced into what was then a disputed town, Bademe. The war caused a bloody two-year…

Nation Dreams Big to Lessen Lag in Tech

The appearance of Sophia, the first and only robot to receive legal personhood, during a five-day long ICT Expo held at Millennium Hall last week helped boost the number of participants. Beyond that, Sophia’s visit helped motivate and encourage young programmers believe in the nation’s ability to one day advance Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Blockchain Technology. Although there is still work to be done, some believe that innovations in software programming can help the low-income community, reports YARED TSEGAYE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

World Cup Bears Seasonal Bonanza for Businesses

The once every four years event has finally arrived, hosted by Russia the World Cup has helped open business opportunities for sports bars, hotels, showrooms, pubs,and paid tv. Football Fanatics usually go to these viewing events together creating an atmosphere all about sharing experiences has also helped companies associate their brand with the excitement around the matches, reports, BEHAILU AYELE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Era of Popular Politics Heralds, In Tragedy

It was not a rally called by any political party, whether incumbent or the opposition. Not even a civic organisation was behind the demonstration held in Addis Abeba on Saturday,…

Austere Budget

Amidst a tough macroeconomic situation, the Ministry of Finance & Economic Cooperation (MoFEC) has allocated a 346.9 billion Br budget for the coming fiscal year, of which 68pc will be…

Ramadan Season Tests Restaurants` Gear

The type of living and increases in disposable incomes of urbanites has taken a toll on their free time. Sometimes all the adults in the family have to hold jobs. In addition to the quest for enjoyment, there is no time even to prepare food at home so it becomes a trend to find an alternative Iftar arrangement. Some restaurants in the Capital are replacing the traditional norm of the family gatherings at home for iftar, reports BERHANE HAILEMARIAM, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

High-end Coffee Houses on the Rise

Coffee houses can be found on almost every corner in Addis Abeba, with more high-end coffee houses joining the growing market. They provide high-quality coffee and a unique atmosphere that CATERS FOR well-off individuals, reports TARIKU GASHU, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Music Studios Crescendo in the City

It has been five months since Habtu Abraha, in his late thirties, started a band at a music studio he owns close to Mesquel Flower Hotel, along Gabon Street. Having…

Children’s Literature Too Laborious for Authors

Even though there are writers dedicated to writing books for kids, even if there are exciting stories to be told to them, and even if parents desperately need to shape their children through stories, authors are finding the process of publishing too unbearable, reports EYUEL GETACHEW, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Remittance Grapples with Parallel Market

A large population of Ethiopians live outside of the country and send currency to their friends and families. But with a higher exchange rate on the parallel market, those who look to exchange foreign currencies sent from outside the country look to the black market while those looking to purchase proceed to the banks, reports Berhane Hailemariam, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Social Media Springs Up as Contemporary AD Platform

With a large number of individuals in Ethiopia using social media, local companies take advantage of using the cost-effective way of advertising on social media. Even with the instability of the internet a shift in the platform companies use to advertise is becoming more visible, reports Eyuel Getachew, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER

Pilgrims’ Flock to Jerusalem on the Rise

For past five decades, since the establishment of the Jerusalem Memorial Association, which took religious travellers to Israel, things have changed a lot. Pilgrimages to ‘the Promised Land’, Jerusalem, were considered to be trips made by the elderly and the rich. However, more recently, companies have started charging half of the previous fees, making the travel possible for many more people, reports,

Easter, Holiday of Big Drinks

With the preparation for the Easter holiday and the end of the longest fast, observed by those who follow the Orthodox and Catholic doctrines, the demand for liquor has increased. Traditionally a gift to take to someones’s house during the holidays, both the traditionally homemade and factory distilled liquors are a choice for celebrations, reports, Bethelhem Bahran, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Cash Raffle Thrives Amid Strict Law

Cash raffles become more and more popular in the city, and as their numbers rise the National Lottery Administration has given a warning on the consequence of operating without a license, reports, Solomon Yimer FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Unrest Glances off Valentines Flower Business

February is among the peak times where the flower market hits high all over the world, as the Valentines day festivity was at the mid of the month. Ethiopian flower suppliers are among the beneficiaries of this market opportunity, which faces a pause last week. The harvesting of flowers was hardly happening in the farms, and the cut flowers were not able to be transported to the capital. Also, the decline in the demand of the local market and the almost non-supply of flowers disappointed retailers who talked with HAIMANOT ASHENAFI, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Local Furniture Struggles to Keep Up with Imported Rivals

Before spending thousands on furniture, deciding upon a specific item when there are more choices than ever the task of choosing the one that ticks all the boxes becomes even more daunting. With the burgeoning retail market for furniture and large options, it finally comes down to choosing between locally produced or imported ones. The mindset of buyers that an imported item is better in quality and appearance has sidelined locally manufactured furniture, writes HAIMANOT ASHENAFI, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.


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