Year in Review – 2016/17

Nation’s Singers Shun New Year Festivities A social media campaign calling for a boycott on concerts organised by singers during holidays has started. The boycott, according to various social media…

Faces Behind Enchanting Faces

Although, the fact that inner beauty outshines external looks remains to be undisputed, the effect of one’s looks on their social interactions is also undeniable. No matter how shallow or unfair it may seem, the book is often times judged by its cover. And this does not seem to be lost on most residents of Addis Abeba, who are now putting the matter of their self-presentation into the hands of professionals. Such businesses are currently improving the variety and quality of their makeup services to cope with the ever growing number of customers, reports HAWI ABDISA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Pack Kids with School Packages

New year is a time for new things and beginnings, especially for children. It is a time to grow, to move along, and start afresh. However, not every child is granted this bliss. Rather for some, new year brings fresh strains along with it. And this unfortunate truth does not seem to go totally unnoticed. And here it comes, the emergence of individuals and organisations which provide school packages to these needy children, reports HAWI ABDISA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

As Financial System Advances Professionals Rush to Follow

Most of the time, business owners hire professionals that are trustworthy and reliable. And most of the time, these professionals may lack practical knowledge even if they have some understanding in core academic areas. For years, CEOs in Ethiopia have been putting someone they trust to help them understand and manage their company’s financials. Someone who knows the business, can read through financial reports, and turn it into information needed to make critical decisions. This is where the CFOs come into the scene and the companies who train them, reports FASIKA TADESSE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Daycares, Survival Hacks for Busy Families

The hectic lifestyle of parents in the capital city encounters the tough decision to send their children to day care centres. As the number of families with both parents working outside their homes increased, the demand for day care services hit high. Some say that children who go to day care centres are more sociable and better in their classes while others argue that children should be raised with families until they become competent to attend  school, as BERHANE HAILEMARIAM, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.

Most Expensive Expo Spurs Holiday’s Purchases

Despite the fact that Holiday exhibitions are considered major markets in bringing together producers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers, the sky rocketing price to bid to organize holiday expos and the rent price of sheds is becoming a burden to exhibitors and visitors. Nevertheless, this does not seem to be discouraging visitors to participate in the expo held in 2.7ha of land, reports BERHANE HAILEMARIAM.

Purifiers No Longer Luxury Items

Despite the improvements in the supply of pure water for Addis Abeba, there still are uncertainties among residents about the purity of the water that comes from the tap. There are frequent reports from health service facilities indicating health issues attributed to waterborne diseases. Hence, as a solution, people are seeking other options by using bottled, purified water and buying water purifiers and dispensers, reports BERHANE HAILEMARIAM, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Flood Breaks Walls, Hearts

When the rainy season approaches, people who live by the side of rivers go through trauma remembering the experiences they have gone through during the past summer seasons. Rain and flood damaged the houses of these residents and also took the lives of their beloved ones. Considering the vulnerability of these individuals, the city administration is pledging an enormous amount of money to rehabilitate these rivers, leaving hope to the residents in these areas, reports TEFERA TEKLU, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Bulk Short Message Service Business Thrives

Today it is almost impossible to imagine the world functioning without technology. Cell phones are at the very centre of the digitalised world to the extent where without one certain businesses cannot operate. SMS services are among those that have been born out of this phenomenon, becoming a source of income for many businesses. However, they have also had their dark side driving people to the verge of insanity with their infinite number of texts, reports HAWI ABDISA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

New Key Cutters Duplicate Any Keys

Many believe that keys can make their houses and properties secure. Furthermore, those who have non-clone keys suppose they are forever secured. But new key cutting machines falsify this, as no key cannot be copied at Chid Terra and Piassa. And this is coming to be a headache for many, and in reverse, a booming business for some, reports TEFERA TEKLU, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Locally Made Smart TVs Boom in the Market

Although analogue television (CRT TV) sets are still being used in different households in Addis Abeba, people in the capital city have been turning their heads towards Light Emitting Diode (LED) or smart TVs. It seems as if they are rushing to catch up with a new technology before it is outdated, one that is largely produced in the country, as BERHANE HAILEMARIAM, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.

Ethiopian Music On the Horizon

Ethiopian music is known to be unique by having its own genre but is less promoted around the world. In a bid to promote Ethiopian culture and music, BHM Club & Lounge, business owner of Villa Verde restaurant, has launched a project to take eight Ethiopian artists and a band to one of the international music festivals, Rototom Sunsplash in Spain. The Company is also aspiring to bring this festival to Ethiopia with the primary aim of bringing international artists and tourists to the country, reports FASIKA TADESSE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Unravelling Access Real Estate

Shewaferaw Girma, 67, a retired  civil engineer, remembered how he was persuaded by a relative who worked for Access Real Estate as a sales agent. The company, originally promoted by…

ICT Expo Lures Addis Youth

Information and Communication Technology is highly integrated into the economic, social and political lives of people in the West and in some Asian nations. The people in these countries are so dependent on some of these technologies, and their interruption for even seconds can become apocalyptic. In Ethiopia, it is possible to say that they are still at a grassroots level. The staging of expos like the one that was opened for the public at the Millennium Hall on Wednesday could be a peek at what the future portends, TEFERA TEKLU, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.

Hawassa Industrial Park Moves to Safe Seats

A day after a colourful grand opening of the first phase of Hawassa Industrial Park (HIP), crucial and clear-cut instructions were passed by Arkebe Oqubay (PhD), special adviser to the…

Squaters Leave Businesses Walking Tightrope

Although the clothing market of Addis is expanding with a growth in population and urbanisation, the local licensed traders who are engaged in the clothing business are not benefiting much from it due to a surge in unlicensed traders. This has become more than a trend, becoming a business in its own right which legal measures alone have not been able to control, as ELLENI DEREJE and Samson Berhane, FORTUNE STAFF WRITERS, report.


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