Squaters Leave Businesses Walking Tightrope

Although the clothing market of Addis is expanding with a growth in population and urbanisation, the local licensed traders who are engaged in the clothing business are not benefiting much from it due to a surge in unlicensed traders. This has become more than a trend, becoming a business in its own right which legal measures alone have not been able to control, as ELLENI DEREJE and Samson Berhane, FORTUNE STAFF WRITERS, report.

The Inescapable Chaos of Addis

For anyone living in a big city, having to tolerate loud and disturbing noise is part of the deal. But chaos at home where people go to seek peace and rest is something no one should have to bear. However, night clubs and bars that are setting up business in the middle of residential areas are forcing most Addis Abebans to bear the unbearable, and live under the curse of constant commotion that is affecting their daily lives, reports HAWI ABDISA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Birthday Businesses Gather Up Steam

Especially for children, a birthday is an unforgettable and special day. Nowadays, a glittering trend in birthday parties has become the inclusion of outdoor activities using bouncy castles, cotton candy machines, and other party items. Renting this equipment to liven up the parties is, therefore, becoming a nascent but popular business. With a growing number of middle and high-class families, birthday party item rental businesses are flourishing in Addis, as BINYAM HAILEMESKEL, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.

Movie Vending Boxes, New Trend in Addis

Movie vending box centres, which download and sell new movie arrivals, are trending in Addis Abeba. People rush to these vending box centres because they can see the trailer, details or synopsis of the movie which would help them decide which movie to take home, as REDIET BAYE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.

Lack of Lease Lets Companies’ Rental Fees Spike

In Ethiopia, which has the lowest motorization rate globally, with only six cars per 1,000 inhabitants, owning a car is difficult as the price of vehicles in Ethiopia is high compared to other countries, such as Kenya. Following this, many individuals tend to rent cars. Also, many institutions, private companies and NGOs are becoming major renters of vehicles, FASIKA TADESSE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.

Consumers Thirst for Smoothies, Shakes

Addis is embracing the trend of smoothies and shakes; the number of juice and smoothie bars has grown steadily over the past five years as businesses have adapted to rapidly changing consumer preferences. As competition continues to escalate in the next few years, smaller stores are likely to pop up in the city in line with consumer tastes, reports SAMSON BERHANE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Scholarship Agencies Become City Phenomenon

Scholarship agencies that send students abroad for education are recent phenomenon in the agency business. At the current moment they are firmly taking root and expanding their businesses, as the number of people planning to pursue educations abroad are ever increasing. Agencies facilitate opportunities abroad for students, from helping prepare them for exams, to corresponding with institutions and keeping families updated on situations abroad. The business is now more in demand than ever, as BINYAM HAILEMESKEL, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.

Fee Payer Agents Give Relief to Residents

With life in Addis getting more and more hectic, many people are finding that keeping up with paying bills is getting more challenging. The answer to this problem comes in the form of agents, who charge small service fees to pay bills on time for people living in residential areas. While the service is seen as a good thing by residents, it is still not a reliable source for income for the agents, and with more and more competition on the horizon, it may become challenging for them to stay in business, reports AGEGNEHU ASSEGID, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Coffee Chains Prove Addis is Still Thirsty for Brew

Coffee is Ethiopia’s biggest export, with the country providing almost 10pc of the country’s coffee production. The cultural importance of coffee, especially in the metropolitan culture of Addis Abeba, has always been significant, with people congregating in cafes for business, and for pleasure. In this always active market, new coffee brands, which package and sell coffee, as well as serve it in their cafes, have begun to spring up all over the city, as BEYENE WOLDE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.

In Style with Traditional Clothes

Holidays create a seasonal business boom for most of the business in Ethiopia. Amongst them are businesses and individuals who work in the area of traditional clothes, including weavers, tailors, designers and finally retailers. For the Easter holiday, the shops of designers and retailers in Shiro Meda displayed a wide variety of traditional clothes with different price range reports FASIKA TADESSE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Cake Shops Sweeten up Addis

With the number of residents in Addis growing, it seems the city’s sweet tooth is growing as well. A number of cafes around Addis are now getting into the cake business, trying to come up with unique and attractive offerings to keep their customers coming back. In spite of the challenges that come with operating a bakery, cakes are in demand like never before around the holidays, as BEYENE WOLDE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.

Car Decoration Business Speeds with High Demand

Cars with decorations and additional body parts have become common sightings in Addis in the past few years. The number of car decoration business have increased as a result of this interest in modification and uniqueness has also soared. However, the business is feeling the crunch of high taxation on imports, as well as increasing competition in the sector. While some businesses are finding that business is booming, others are not feeling so optimistic, as REDIET BAYE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.

Cattle Price Goes Up Because of Drought

Easter is one of Ethiopia’s famous holidays, celebrated with food and festivities after 55 days of the fasting season. The cattle market during this season booms as the number of people who visit the area increases, but this holiday, people are being forced to consider other options because of a price increase in cattle caused by the recent drought which killed many animals, FASIKA TADESSE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER reports,

Exhibition Business Sees Visitors Decline

The Addis Abeba Exhibition Centre has served as a welcome diversion for many over the past two weeks. With 450 exhibitors- 50 of whom are foreigners- the Easter Bazaar is one of the great opportunities for retailers to make a good profit prior to the holiday. Now, with the declining number of visitors, the income of exhibitors has declined significantly, reports SAMSON BERHANE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Electricity Works in Addis Nuisance to Residents

The streets of Addis have been dug up, mostly in pedestrian areas, in order to install new electrical cable. However, the new construction is seriously inconveniencing pedestrians, forcing them to walk on the road instead of the safe sidewalks for pedestrians. The project is part of the city’s new electrification plans, which will replace older, and less efficient cables with updated ones. The trade off for city residents is the potentially dangerous streets now, and reliable electricity later, as MENNA ASRAT, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.

Tourism Sector Tries to Stay Above Water

The declaration of the state of emergency led to the issuance of travel bans and warnings from various countries across the world. The tourism sector, one of the biggest contributors to the country’s GDP, took a big hit. The sharply declining tourist numbers means that hotels and tour companies were no longer making enough money to meet their targets. Since the extension of the state of emergency, tourism-dependent businesses are now playing the waiting game, as BEREKET BIRBIRSA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, reports.


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