African Made, for Africa and Beyond

The African Investment Forum, held earlier this month in Johannesburg, South Africa, brought together prospective investors and project owners in Africa. Organised by Eastern & Southern African Trade & Development Bank and the African Development Bank, the forum was designed to match capital with projects. Although Ethiopia’s share was tiny, it spectacularly succeeded with 42 investment deals worth 32 billion dollars completed, writes TAMRAT G. GIORGIS, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.  

Season of Dreams, Profits

The American Diversity Visa lottery, known by its popular acronym DV, is a much anticipated affair by thousands of Ethiopians who dream of migrating and making their fortune in the United States. In a country with limited internet access, internet cafés provide a venue to help applicants submit their electronic documents, and at the same time increasing their revenue, WRITES MHRET GEBREKRISTOS.

Despite Murky Picture, Bitcoin Hatches

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency created in 2009, has grown popular and received wide use these days. The coins are created by a process called mining, a very expensive computerized operation. Bitcoin networks and clubs have reached Ethiopia, too, and people are investing in these companies. However, the companies are set up under murky business models in which the main source of income is commission payments, what experts describe as pyramid schemes, instead of mining the Bitcoins, writes KALEAB GIRMA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Quarries Extract Environmental Costs

The demand for quarry material like dimensional rocks, riprap, aggregates and other products to supply the construction of infrastructure projects, building sites and industry is growing rapidly in the capital. Quarry sites located in the outskirts and suburbs of Addis Abeba are feeding the demand for the material at the high cost of environmental degradation and socio-economic costs, writes DAWIT ASTATIKE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Mosaic Animates City

The mosaic art form is mushrooming into cottage industry in the capital, mainly driven by graduates of Alle School of Fine Arts & Design of Addis Abeba University. Mosaics are created using imported ceramics broken into different sizes and shapes and then placed on patterns and designs as part of decorative items on public buildings and private homes , reports BERHANE HAILEMARIAM, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Modern Bamboo Industry Burgeons Despite Sector Frailty

A thriving bamboo business that manufactures modern home furnishings like chairs, sofas, tables and other products has mushroomed in Addis Abeba. Ethiopia, endowed with natural bamboo forests, is a leading country in Africa in the resource. Sustainable management of natural bamboo, modernization of the manufacturing processes and value additions along the supply chain are recommended by researchers. MADEBO GIRMA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

In the Absence of Founding Fathers

When Hawassa, capital of a Southern regional state, hosted the 11th congress of the ruling EPRDF last week for the third time in the post-Dergue era, none of its 20…

Digitally Ethiopian

Technology startups by Ethiopians are operating at various digital frontiers. Adapting local themes, figures, narratives and images these software companies are changing the digital platform of storytelling, drawing enthusiasts and eying generating revenues and profits. The art form with Ethiocentric themes have been picked up by companies as logos, comic books, games played on smartphone and movies, reports KALEAB GIRMA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Political Situation Weaves Publishing Business Godsend

The ascendancy of Prime Minister Abiy (PhD) and the liberalization of the political landscape has propelled a seasonal trend in publishing industry to the stratosphere. Book vendors and publishers are reporting increases in the number of books that are reaching the market. The double taxation on pulp and paper products, however, is considered a barrier in the industry. DAWIT ASTATIKA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Tourism Endeavours to Stay Afloat

Although there have been improvements, the Ethiopian tourism industry has seen declines in revenues and tourist numbers over the last two or three years Thies follows political unrest and the declaration of a state of emergency by the government. The new administration under Abiy has reshuffled heads of boards and tourism institutions in an effort to revitalize the industry, and efforts are underway to promote tourism in Ethiopia, writes TSION WUDMATAS, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Mob Attack in Burayu Displaces, Injures Many

Several thousand people were forced out of their homes by violence in Burayu town, Oromia Regional State, and are sheltering in the capital.The incident took place when a marauding mob, returning from a massive rally in the capital, attacked residents, killing more than two dozen and wounding hundreds, writes DAWIT ASTATIKE , FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Rophnan: Roots with Rare Genre

Rophnan Nuri, Rophy, was only 16 when he started producing music, literally six years after his first performance before his classmates. The ninth child of a family of 10, he…


Ethiopian New Year Events NEXUS HOTEL Where:Nexus Hotel, eighth floor When:September 10, 2018 at 6:00pm Organizer:Nexus Hotel Artist/Performer:DJ Willy Entrance Fee:free Nexus Hotel has 151 guest rooms and suites. In…

Processed Meat, Pre-prepared Traditional Dishes Grace Holiday Tables

Businesses that freshly process meat and poultry have sprung up across the city. Slaughterhouses that kill, de-feather, gut and cut up chickens fill the demand of busy customers unable to perform these traditional tasks at home because of limited space and other inconveniences. The old ways of preparing traditional dishes are giving way to businesses that cater to conveniences but may still pose potential health hazards to the public, reports  HIKMA AHMED, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Event, Party Planners Pick Up Steam

Party planners for birthdays, weddings and other occasions are enjoying a boom in business as parents and busy professionals hire them to do their planning.  As disposal incomes increase of Ethiopian families increased in the last few years, birthday party planners are flourishing by supplying party decors, toys, bouncing castles and by painting the faces of partygoers and charging thousands of Birr for their services writes DAWIT ASTATKE,FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Video Gaming on the Rise in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian video game business is dominated by Sony Entertainment’s PlayStation, as is the global market. As disposable incomes rise among a segment of the population in Ethiopia, parents are indulging their children with luxury items like PlayStation and game accessories that can set a family back several thousands of Birr reports MAHDER HADDIS, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.


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