Cash Raffle Thrives Amid Strict Law

Cash raffles become more and more popular in the city, and as their numbers rise the National Lottery Administration has given a warning on the consequence of operating without a license, reports, Solomon Yimer FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Hope Against All Odds

Never was there an election fiercely contested among leaders of the ruling EPRDF as the one last week and was much anticipated by members of the public. So was the…

Holiday Exhibition Venue Doubles, Visitors Decline

With double the option of holiday exhibition and higher entrance fee for both visitors and vendors. This year’s Easter exhibitions held at Millennium Hall and Addis Abeba Exhibition Centre are experiencing a lower number of visitors and higher prices than precedent. Reports Bethelhem Bahran, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER

Fish Production Slumps as Appetites Grow

With the arrival of the fasting season, many have turned to eating fish. People’s preference for it has also grown over the years, with retailers seeing growth in the non-fasting seasons. But it is a different story at the end of the supply-chain. Significant challenges are hampering the industry. From pollution to illegal fishing practices and hyacinth weed, supply is taking a hit, reports BERHANE HAILEMARIAM, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Fasting Season Increases Vegan Buffets

People who consume vegan meals have shown an increase, with vegan buffets now more common than before when only larger hotels providing vegan buffet options. The increase of establishments who now have vegan meals and buffets followed the increase of consumers who prefer a vegan option. With a higher number of vegan meal consumers during the Lent fasting season reports YIBELTAL GEBREGZIABHER, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

China in Africa; America’s Splitting Headache

Standing last week on a podium in the African Union Commission (AUC) Headquarters, which ironically was given as a gift by the Chinese government, America’s top diplomat, Rex Tillerson, urged…

Bottled Water Soaks Addis Abeba

With the growth of people’s disposable income, lifestyles have changed significantly and the number of consumers of bottled mineral water has shown a dramatic increase over the years. Currently, the number of factories involved in mineral water production has reached 67, reports Berhane Hailemariam, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Footballers’ Salaries sore, Club’s Revenues Drained

The Ethiopian Premier League has been around for over 70 years, and, since it was founded, the number of clubs under it has grown. But with the incredible growth and influence of the Western football leagues, Ethiopian football players have been demanding higher salaries, some reaching a whopping 165,000 Br a month, way above the national per capita income of the country. This, in turn, has jeopardised the existence of the very clubs these players belong to, writes SOLOMON YIMER, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

The Hopefuls

Of the no less than seven ideological blueprints the late Meles Zenawi and his comrades have produced on the affairs of Revolutionary Democracy in Ethiopia, none were able to foresee…


Although his likely departure has been speculated for close to a year, the decision by Hailemariam Desalegn to resign from his role as chairman of the party and the office…

Unrest Glances off Valentines Flower Business

February is among the peak times where the flower market hits high all over the world, as the Valentines day festivity was at the mid of the month. Ethiopian flower suppliers are among the beneficiaries of this market opportunity, which faces a pause last week. The harvesting of flowers was hardly happening in the farms, and the cut flowers were not able to be transported to the capital. Also, the decline in the demand of the local market and the almost non-supply of flowers disappointed retailers who talked with HAIMANOT ASHENAFI, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Local Furniture Struggles to Keep Up with Imported Rivals

Before spending thousands on furniture, deciding upon a specific item when there are more choices than ever the task of choosing the one that ticks all the boxes becomes even more daunting. With the burgeoning retail market for furniture and large options, it finally comes down to choosing between locally produced or imported ones. The mindset of buyers that an imported item is better in quality and appearance has sidelined locally manufactured furniture, writes HAIMANOT ASHENAFI, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Supermarkets, Beyond the Hype

Addis Abeba is home to 3.4 million residents. Its rapid urbanisation and growth in disposable incomes have meant changes in food preferences and eating habits among urban consumers. Hence, the increasing patronage of supermarkets and convenience stores. It is good news as it creates jobs in the area and who would mind the comfort of having a supermarket nearby. But, the naming of these stores as supermarkets and recently hypermarkets is spurring controversies in Ethiopia’s retail market. William Shakespeare once said, “What is in a name?” YIBELTAL GEBREGZIABER, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, tries to answer.

Festival Encapsulates Film Industry’s Ambiguous Future

The Ethiopian film industry may not be as celebrated as Hollywood, but that has not held it back from getting recognition in the world of cinema, with many films screened at international film festivals. One such event to honour Ethiopia’s filmmakers and actors is the Ethiopian International Film Festival (EthioIFF) celebrating its 12th edition since its launch in 2006. The most recognised film was Kedemena Belay, scooping most of the awards. But behind all the glamour there is an ailing industry that suffers from many problems preventing it from flourishing, writes CHRISTIAN TESFAYE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Giant Christmas Trees Sparkle Up Addis

Unlike most of the world, Ethiopians celebrate Christmas, more commonly known as Genna, on January 7, following 40 days of fasting. Although a Western tradition, the beginning of the festive season is marked with adorning houses with Christmas trees. The city and its residents have welcomed these trees not only into their homes but also in commercial centres and hotels as a nod to the tradition and further as a means to attract customers, writes HAIMANOT ASHENAFI, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.

Promising in Performance, Big in Aspirations

Esubalew Yitayew (Yeshi), few of an exception among Ethiopians in taking up his mother’s name to honour her, is one of the famous performers currently topping the lists of many Ethiopian music lovers. Winning the hearts of the audience with a single song dubbed ‘Mare Mare’ [literally translated as Honey], released two years ago, the 25-year old singer and songwriter recently released an album ‘Tiritaye’ [my heartbeat], selling 30,000 copies. He began singing when he was a little boy, a grade five student. Esubalew, who has over four million views for his first video on YouTube, sat down with FASIKA TADESSE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, for an impromptu talk.


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