Film Review: Suicide Squad

Superhero movies have seemingly become the order of the day in Hollywood, with the vast majority falling far short of expectations. Suicide Squad is the latest, with its rather obvious flipping of the script failing to make a drab movie worth the watch. Will Smith is the only aspect worthy of any praise, according to Christian Tesfaye, a Fortune film reviewer, who awarded the release 3 stars out of 10, while the 1970s music functions to take your mind off the film.

Jason Bourne

A minor character in the latest Bourne movie passionately argues “safety is freedom” – verbalising the textbook philosophical dilemma faced by Apple when asked to decrypt a user’s cell phone…

Star Trek: Beyond

As J.J Abrams takes a step back, handing over the reigns to Fast & Furious director Justin Lin, Star Trek experiences yet another rebirth – one that, according to Christian Tesfaye, a Film Reviewer, could well be a step too far. As action replaces depth, he awards the film a measly 5 out of 10 stars, with such heights only reached due to some of the incredible imagery.

Central Intelligence

Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are two household names who rather indirectly fell into acting – the first through comedy and the latter, wrestling. Christian Tesfaye, a Fortune film reviewer, had serious doubts entering the cinema as to whether either had the capability of making Central Intelligence a worthwhile watch. Both actors, however, provided more quality than he expected – Kevin Hart with his newly found measured approach and The Rock with the unleashing of his funny side. The film’s director, Rawson Marshall Thurber, deserves some credit for this. Although it won’t win many Oscars, Central Intelligence does warrant the time and money spent on a cinema ticket – 5 out of 10 stars.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Two decades later, armed with bigger guns and badder aliens, Independence Day is back. Resurgence is the sequel that almost nobody has been waiting for, but one that many – predominantly teenage boys and their older equivalents – might enjoy. Christian Tesfaye, a Fortune Film Reviewer, describes a film that, although more than likely not be taking home any Oscars, may well leave you mildly tickled. At 5 stars out of 10, it may well be worth a cinema trip on a rainy day, in between lunch and early evening drinks, if you’re a teenager and short of alternative options.

Movie Review: Finding Dory

Good enough to keep audience sit-up, yet humdrum compared to its forerunner Finding Nimo. The soundtracks too boost t he film’s grip to the extent that Christian Tesfaye , Fortune in-house film reviewer recommend it to everyone and award it eight out of 10 stars.

Qeyaye Qenbetoch (Red Leaves) Strips away Family Veil

Qeyaye Qenbetoch (Red Leaves) is a film about an Ethiopian community that practices an ancient form of Judaism and now forms a sizeable community in Israel. For this bare, brave, bold debut film that shocks and illuminates, Fortune’s in-house film critic, Christian Tesfaye, awards an almost full sky of nine stars out of 10.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Worst Time for Tastelessness

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is referred to by Fortune’s in-house film critic, Christian Tesfaye as out of keeping with the observations of this holy month. Apparently, there was not much on offer for this sequel to earn more than four stars out of 10.

The Nice Guys is for Smart Folks

The Nice Guys scores points on all the essential elements of a good movie – plot (despite being ‘pleasantly warped‘), acting, and directing. It was therefore not difficult for Fortune’s in-house critic, Christian Tesfaye to award it a whopping seven out of 10 stars.

Warcraft: A Game for Simple Minds

Disappointment is an understatement, considering what is expected from the movie’s talented director, Duncan Jones. However, even he was defeated by Warcraft, an adaptation of a video game. Fortune’s in-house film critic compared the movie to a stomach ache and gave it three out of 10 stars.

Money Monster’s: Scoundrels of Corporate Greed

Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Jodie Foster, George Clooney are some of the Hollywood heavyweights involved in making Money Monster, a movie about “anarchic capitalism”. But Fortune’s in-house critic, Christian Tesfaye, points out that great actors are not always good directors. Money Monster therefore earns only half marks – five stars out of 10.

Captain America: Civil War A Case of Brutal Infighting

It might be full of plot holes, overwhelmed by superheroes and interesting points are lost along the way. But for its refreshingly philosophical treatment of a sub-theme and potential to have been a better movie, Fortune’s in-house film critic, Christian Tesfaye, though not nuts about Captain America: Civil War, awarded it six stars out of 10.

Precious Cargo: Quality Time in a Dark Room

Precious Cargo quickly falls to the critic’s sword as the worst film Christian Tesfaye, Fortune’s in-house film reviewer has had the luckless opportunity to watch and review. Despite starring Bruce Willis, the movie was simply unable to earn more than two stars out of 10.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War A Story Not Well Told

One would be forgiven for exclaiming, ‘Ouch!’ at Fortune in-house film critic’s view of The Huntsman: Winter’s War as “a bunch of pretty actors in pretty clothes having a great…

FILM REVIEW: The Boss is Immoral

Distasteful, fuelling ignorance, less than mundane, are some of the sentiments recalled by Fortune in-house film critic, Christian Tesfaye to describe The Boss. They explain why the film could be awarded no more than three out of 10 stars.

Queen of the Desert: Remarkable Woman Unlucky in Love

Half time into Queen of the Desert, a quarter of the audience had walked out of “Herzog’s most watchable film”. Fortune’s in-house film critic, Christian Tesfaye, was not among them but was sufficiently absorbed to give this movie eight out of 10 stars.


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