Ebola:A Deadly Disease Nearby

Leaders of African nations have gathered in Washington DC to talk with the President of the superpower on how to strengthen their ties. Back home, however, the risk of the deadly disease, Ebola, is testing the shoulders of public health systems. It seems that Africa is standing at the crossroads.

Mesfin Woldemariam: A Tower of Humbleness, Reflection

Life is full of swings between the past, the present and the future. Seen under the prism of human development, however, it is a process defined by relationships and affiliations. In life, therefore, the direct and indirect relationships we establish with popular individuals will have their own impact on our personality. Mesfin Woldemariam (Prof) is one such individual who has had a huge impact on the lives of many Ethiopians.

Salary Supercycle

Fundamental economics dictates a raise in salary could drive an increase in aggregate price of goods and services. But the relationship is not as direct as it seems. Instead, other macroeconomic factors affect it. What might happen with the latest salary increment for Ethiopian civil servants could be no different.

GRADUATION:From Ideal to Symptomatic

Graduations mean different things to different people. For some, it is a moment of joy that marks the end of the hassles of studying. For others, however, it marks the start of a new phase of responsibility. Whichever way one thinks, time has a definitive role in setting the context of how graduations are perceived.

Football: Beautiful Game, Hideous Events

Football is a telling game. It goes beyond a sporting event. It displays much about the economic, political, social and cultural aspects of society. The case is even truer when it comes to the World Cup. By bringing nations closer, the World Cup puts cultures into comparison. What one would judge from the menu list of cultures, however, depends on one’s eye.

In Love with a Canine

The intimacy that people establish with dogs is unique in its nature. It goes beyond a simple top-down owner-pet relationship. Yet, this relationship is often hindered by factors, such as disease. Rabies is one of the communicable diseases that transcend the bounds of the domestic canines to humans, eventually affecting the relationship between the two species. Often, the culprits are stray dogs.

ARADA’s Pioneers of Style, Action

Sharing is essential to cultural evolution. Pioneers are crucial agents of sharing in such a process. In the urban parlance of Ethiopia, Aradas are young people who take the initiative to adopt various styles and actions that define modernism. As much as this fact remains to be true, at least for the past six decades, the way Aradas influence society seems to change with time.

Building a Better Ethio-Eritrea Relationship

Neighbours share history. Their identity is constructed from many shared elements. This does not mean, however, that their relationship is all smooth. It may involve skirmishes, seasonal conflict and even war. What would be wise is for them to learn how to live beyond their disagreements. As much as that is true with any neighbour, it is true for Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Times of Indifference

Life is heavily dependent on time. It’s as if it is its furculum. It is within the prism of time that one can see a comparative analysis of change. As parts of this change, events, such as celebrations, national examinations and conflicts, make sense through time. Even the past could rightly be expressed in time.

MAY-The Joys of May

The month of May brings various memories to many different people. The memories even vary through the generations. The month is eventful in the history of Ethiopia. It involved a change of government and a post-election crisis. The month also has religious meanings. All of them are meaningless, however, without individual memories.

Ethiopia Befriends China, Is the Friendship Sustainable?

The economic and diplomatic relationship between China and Ethiopia is gaining traction with each day. Yet, it is not all smooth. The relationship has its own ups and downs. Ethiopia ought to take many steps in order to take advantage of its relationship with the rising global superpower.

Democratic Anomalies

The Ethiopian practice of democracy has its own challenges. One such challenge emanates from the way it treats dissent. Often, dissent is seen treated with unconventional means. But this is unsustainable. A better nation could only be built through consensus and negotiation.

Light Rail

Addis Abeba will soon see the benefits of the ongoing Light Rail Transit (LRT) project. The challenge will then be to manage the rail system along with the existing transport…

Multi-Million Birr Coach

The salary of the national football coach has been a centre for debate amongst football fans. Whereas some see it as justifiable, comparing it with that of coaches in developed nations, others argue that it is improper under the current economic standing of the nation. In spite of the debate, the coach will be paid 8.64 million Br a year for his engagement.

With Election Haste Comes Investment Waste

Elections bring about their own set of dynamics. Their impending presence could be sensed in the infrastructure sphere. It is often when elections approach that haste becomes the definitive trait of infrastructure projects. But, with haste comes waste, rightly as the saying goes. That is why elections are often times of economic squander.

Inclusive Growth Entails Business Reform

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) recent report, ‘From the Margins to the Mainstream’, provides a valuable window into the state of impact investing; the diversity that exists within this sector;…


Success does not come easy. It instead has serious costs. Therein lies the difference between winners and losers. Whereas winners stay willing to pay the price that success demands, losers will easily lose hope over the process and quit. The story of Meseret Defar, the great athlete of her time, shows the realtime price of being and staying a winner.

Land Lease Limitations

Tenure security is an important element in any given production system. A system that infuses more security to the producers entails long-term investments on the land. On the other hand, a system that erodes the security of the producers will hinder log-term investments. Reduced investment on the land affects the sustainable productivity of the production system. As it stands, the tenure system in our fair nation seem to resemble the latter.

A New Face of Interdependence

Interdependence between urban centres and rural areas is important for economic betterment. For long, Ethiopia has been witnessing a rather skewed relationship between the two. Things have started to change, though. The new interdependent plan of Addis Abeba and the special zones of Oromia can be a showcase to this.

Can Ethiopian Football Find the Right Leader?

A coach is an important personality in the sports arena. The importance is even higher when the team is a national team that stands for the flag of a given nation. That is why searching for the right national team coach is usually difficult. As it stands, Ethiopian football is facing this challenge. What might result from the ongoing coach selection process will seriously define its future path.

MARKETPLACES: Heartlands of Insecurity, Prejudice

In the ideal sense, marketplaces are hubs of fair competition. But this only happens when just regulations are in place. A bias in regulation brings unequal treatment in marketplaces. This eventually pushes some to the edges of informality. What is being pushed aside is real-time economic potential.

Historical Budding

Ethiopia might be a nation of rich history. But its contemporary personality is formed in the last four decades. A large part of the formation involves political parties. Changes in the shape and nature of political parties have continued to influence the state of politics in the aspiring nation.

Cocktails of Irresponsibility

Holding public officials accountable for their wrongdoings is important, especially in an emerging democracy. That seems to be missing in Ethiopia, however. It has become common to see officials transcending the established norms of leadership and delving into improper acts. The very foundations of holding public office are being eroded.

City of Scarcity

Residents of Addis Abeba live under a severe scarcity of water. Their complaints have been met by the deaf ears of officials. Even the latest response from Prime Minister Hailemariam was seemingly indifferent. Governors of the city, which is considered to be the political capital of Africa, ought to start thinking over new solutions.

City of Scarcity

Residents of Addis Abeba live under a severe scarcity of water. Their complaints have been met by the deaf ears of officials. Even the latest response from Prime Minister Hailemariam was seemingly indifferent. Governors of the city, which is considered to be the political capital of Africa, ought to start thinking over new solutions.


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