Unemployment A Pertinent Economic Itch

There seems to be a divergence of thoughts about the causes of unemployment in Ethiopia. Whereas some people, such as the deans of public universities, attribute it to a lack of business development skills, others attribute it to the undeveloped absorption capacity of the nation’s economy. If one has to go by the science of economics, however, the former argument seems to hold little water.

Roadside Dwelling A Life Dictated By Needs

There are various hypotheses about why individuals go out on to the streets. But most of them seem to lack essential information obtained from the people actually living there. A closer look at the issue, however, shows that the reasons vary from individual to individual, and are often unconvincing.

Ethiopian Politics Some Ups, Some Downs

Ethiopian politics seems to be witnessing changes as a function of its driver – Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. There are many arguments being made about the impact of his premiership. Whereas some see changes picking up speed, in a very Ethiopian way, others dismiss the changing attitudes as an all too familiar trick of governance. Nevertheless, it could be said that some sort of change is happening.

Waste Worsens Power Interruption

The electric power monopoly of Ethiopia is always ready with an excuse for its failure to provide seamless connectivity to its growing number of customers. Its excuses vary from low voltage lines to theft and temporary damage. Yet, the reality is far detached from the rhetoric. If anything, waste is the base reality of the corporation.

Piazza: A Place Where Street Inequality Thumps

Roads are meant to serve everyone. But that depends on the way they are designed and constructed. Major roads of the city of Addis Abeba are far from this ideal.…

Jobless Commencement

The season of graduations brings the contradictions of life to the fore. The joy of completing higher education is often seen confronted with an economy unable to provide jobs. This is a painful reality for both the graduates and their parents. As a reflection of this prevalent contradiction, the commencement speeches of rich and poor nations varies widely.

Electro-dollar An Ethiopian Future?

The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), under construction on Abay River, has lately gained front page attention in print media. It is incomprehensible why the Egyptians chose to make an…

No More Lionisation

Lionisation used to be a popular practice all over Ethiopia. Grand things used to regularly be named after the king of the wilderness. Tales of their might, which were symbolic in the culture of Imperial Ethiopia, are now restricted to the history books. Only a few remaining institutions continue to bear the name of the king of the wilderness.

Football Meets Foot-dragging

The joy of the Ethiopian football fans after their team’s victory over South Africa was peerless. It took the whole nation by surprise. Yet, it was destined to remain only for a very short period of time. The following day, the administrative failings of the team’s management placed a dark cloud over the entire nation.

Anbessa Rolls Strong at 70

A birds eye glance at any urban landscape reveals rows and rows of varying symmetry of standing buildings, dissected and crisscrossed by the roads and streets of a city. An…

FROM Carestones to Cobblestones

The use of cobblestones to pave access roads between woredas has become the latest trend in Addis Abeba. This compares to the historic use of “Care stones” for paving roads during the imperial era. As much as the latter is being retired, the former is giving the capital of Africa a totally new face.

Africanism Blossoms

Africa is proving to be the next growth pole of the global economy. Its economy is growing, faster than the global average, and its politics is witnessing a shift towards stability. Its nations are rising to catch up with the global superpowers, sooner, than latter.

To Eat or Not To Eat

Life in Addis Abeba is full of paradoxes. While a large proportion of the city’s population still suffers from malnutrition, others are seen cherishing luxury to an extent that all they care about is where to spend their Saturday nights out. Each day seems to widen the gap between the two extremities.

Urban Revolution

City life a Ethiopia is under revolution. At the base of the revolution, sits condominium apartments hosting thousands of people, vertically. As space is restricted, the way of life of residents in cities hosting these apartments is evolving. Some similarity with cities in the east and west of the developed world is also arising.

Addis Abeba A City of Obstructions

The transportation system of Addis Abeba is witnessing more obstructions with each day. Projects that were meant to reduce these obstructions even further the pain. Lags in implementations of the projects seem to be the major factor behind the escalating traffic jams of the City. Factoring time is, then, crucial.

Easter:Impulsive Purchase Burdens Livelihoods

Holidays are often surrounded with feasts. Their preparation takes a lot of household income. The desire to purchase all the traditional holiday items brings about a challenging mismatch between the skyrocketing price of goods and the consistent income of consumers. What remains surprising is the fact people still adore holidays, despite the burden of their cost.

MERKATO Changing Trade Changes Life

The changing faces of Merkato infuse changes within the lifestyle of Addis Abebans. It all has to do with the importance the trading hub has within the life of the city and its residents. If anything, the evolution of the largest open market inAfricasignifies the dividing line between the past and the present.

Africa Struggles To Be Free

African history is full of ups and downs. Its journey has been blessed with many joys and challenges. Its freedom still hinges on external forces. It is all happening despite…

Indebted Hopes

Human beings live in close relationship with their environment. Addis Abeba’s traders of twigs and leaves are living witnesses to this synergy. The relationship, however, is not always a stable one. Rather, it is so fragile that the hopes and livelihoods of individuals are defined by its dynamics.

Renaissance Rededication

Ethiopia is moving closer to its vision of becoming the power tower of East Africa with the accelerated construction of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Such a vision could play a critical role in consolidating the unity of the people in the region. Yet, there is a mistrust within the downstream countries that needs to be siphoned off before the unity can be realised.

Billboard Parade

Commercial advertisements are one of the many faces of urban life. Their presence contributes to the image of a city, if managed properly. With the roads of Addis Abeba filled with random billboards, however, its facade is somewhat spoiled. With a new approach they could, rather, bring some value.

Unemployment: A Dose of Reality

Unemployment remains a major challenge for Ethiopia. Its impact is becoming far reaching. The few efforts made by the government have succeeded in reducing a section of it. Left unattended, the rampant unemployment in the country is breeding informal trade. This other face of the problem is posing yet another challenge to authorities.

Environmental Catastrophe

Environmental degradation has become a pertinent challenge forEthiopia. Drying lakes are the latest examples of the worsening condition, which continue to threaten livelihoods in many areas of the country. Although it may seem like only a story to those of us who live far away from these ecosystems, the problem is indeed a real one.

Healers at Face Value

Health care is one of the most debatable issues in Ethiopia. It has many faces that vary with tradition, religion and science. What seems to dominate the sphere, however, are traditional and religious practices. This has a lot to do with the lack of access to quality health care by modern service providers.

Teff Scarce, Prices Sky High

A rise in the price of stable food items remains typical of the local marketplace, since 2005. Yet, there seems to be no agreement between stakeholders on the driving factors of the price hike. Whereas officials claim that there is an increasing convergence of consumption choices, reality dictates that declining purchasing power and increasing exports have their own roles to play in the equation.


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