Roads host Inequality

Simple arithmetic in the roads sector is enough to uncover the inequality that Addis Abeba, the political and economic capital of the nation, hosts. This very situation is slowly but surely becoming a reality, dividing the society of our fair nation. It could even raise questions over the distribution of resources between rural and urban residents.

Utility Matters

Public utilities, from electricity to clean water supply, constitute the core of urban life. It is only when their uninterrupted supply is guaranteed that life in cities becomes smooth. The case for Addis Abeba is, however, far from this ideal scenario. Interruption of electricity and water supply is common. And no one seems to have a solution.

Ethiopian Football-Pride Despite Eventual Shortfall

The Ethiopian football team that participated in the 29th African Cup of Nations finals has brought pride to the nation. It has revealed the dream of a generation that had never previously had the chance to see its team play for the continental trophy. Whatever the shortfalls of the team are, the opportunity could be a turning point for the country’s football scene.

TEJ BETS Rare Hubs of Free Expression

In an environment where freedom of expression is becoming constricted by different forces, with each passing day Tej Bets are serving the rare purpose of incubating it. But, freedom of expression is not the lone feature of these traditional pubs, wherein honey mead is drunk. Indeed, the whole trade of drinking tej involves a variety of ventures.

Urbanised Fires

Fires are extremely damaging when they occur in urban areas. As if to highlight the popular neglect of fire risk, very little attention is given to high rise buildings constructed in urban centres. But, history shows that fires can consume lives and damage assets worth millions.

Not Only History, Football Often Repeats Itself

The long awaited participation of the Ethiopian football team in the African Cup of Nations has become a reality. With it, however, came to light the faults of its management. It seems that the very frontier that was meant to instill honesty and fitness has grown too parochial and unfit to sustain the results for long.


At its birth place, coffee experiences a rather extended ritual. It goes beyond the simple practice of consumption. That seems to be changing, with the beverage now commercialised as a commodity. People who used to be addicts are also making a business out of it.

Architectural Crisis

Lack of harmony rightly describes the changing face of Addis Abeba. Although the City is passing through a defining phase of reconstruction, largely, its undertakings do not have dexterity. They rather appear piecemeal. At the base of all of this lies the improper weight that money attains over expertise.

CHRISTMAS-What Not to Eat

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Fault line

Queuing has become a new trend within Addis Abeba’s transport system. It seems to have brought a relative order to the rather chaotic scene. This is not the complete picture, however. Theft is one of the undesirable effects and, largely, it is accompanied by rather dramatic acts. Much of this cannot be avoided, however, without having to improve the nation’s transport system as a whole.

Hyena Show

There is a lot that Addis Abeba could learn from Harrar. The science of taming hyenas and using them as a tourist attraction tops the list. Doing so could help the capital city avoid the damaging impact of the wild cats and bring value to its development efforts. It could also be a rare front for creating employment for the youth.

NOBLE UNITY-No Nation Without Free Individuals

Nation building is not as simple as subjugating the people of a given country and trying to rule them under one yoke by force. Such actions are possible only for a given period of time.


Another unique turn of events happened last week, at the 12th round of Great Run. As it engaged over 36,000 participants, the event has turned into a landmark event with a potential to uplift the image of the nation in the eyes of the world. There is even a potential to change it into a full-fledged social carnival. Yet, avoiding politics from it is essential to do so.

Sanitation Props Undignified

Staying clean has become a pipe dream for the city ofAddis Abebathat serves as the economic and political capital ofEthiopia, if notAfrica. Many kinds of social practices contribute to the untidy nature of the City. At the base of the whole set of the problem, however, lies in inadequate facilities. The best way out is availing such facilities at a quantity fit with the demand.

Agony Gets Urban

Urbanisation has brought multiple outcomes inEthiopia. Its outcomes range from agony to poor governance.

Uneven Demissie Leaves Even Legacy

Demissie Damtie, the late veteran sport journalist who died last week, has contributed a lot to the development of the national sport scene. His dedication was unequalled, alike his nationalism. If there is one thing that he has failed to do in his long professional years, it is to be fair. There is not one thing important in journalism than fairness, though.

Parenthood Goes Wild, Uninformed

The way children are attended by their parents would have a huge influence over their personality. Though both science and conventional knowledge rightly show this, the reality in our fair nation is far from it. Whereas the parents care about basic necessities, children are going wild. Left unattended, they are living on the fringes of social bads.

Stolen Lights, Hopes

Criminal acts on public infrastructures are inflicting a huge cost on our poor nation. They are pushing the hopes of many citizens back. The inconvenience they are creating on the daily lives of people is also enormous. Failing to fight them at their current state would square the risk on costly upcoming infrastructures such as the national railway.


Despite expansion in infrastructure backbone, the Ethiopian telecommunications service experiences a dismaying status of quality. Disappointment over quality has become the daily reality of subscribers of services varying from landline telephone to internet. As if to crack jokes on their uproars, the lone service provider has focused on retailing mobile apparatus. It is indeed mystifying!


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